Monday, September 04, 2006

Baby Secrets

Jackson's friend E-Dawg came over for a Labor Day brunch with his folks today. The boys had a fun time playing together (okay, they had a fun time looking at each other, as 5- and 7-month old boys do...).

When Jackson found out they had to leave, he was a little upset:
Jackson: "Aw, Mom! We were just starting to really stare at each other!"

So he decided to pull E-Dawg closer for a secret:

Jackson: "Psst. E. My Mom just told me that Halloween is only two months away. She said that we can't have any candy this year, but I'm SO working on teeth just in case she changes her mind. You should get working on yours too."

E-Dawg: "What? Free candy?! I don't have a costume yet!"

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