Friday, September 22, 2006

A Brand New Day

It's amazing how life is so much different when you've had a little bit of sleep. I woke up this morning and realized that I had had a 7.5-hour stretch of sleep. Seven and a half hours. SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS. Wow. That's amazing.

Jackson was the reason I awoke (and he had gone for 9.5 hours!), but he simply wanted a little bit of food (no problem there) and went back to sleep for another hour. So I basically slept for almost 9 hours (nine hours...NINE HOURS) with a 15-minute pause. Wow. Truly amazing.

To clarify things from the other night, the Boy has always been a good sleeper. Good sleeper, good eater, good baby. It wasn't like we were pacing the halls with a wide-eyed child refusing to sleep. He was just refusing to sleep anywhere other than in our arms. We did the co-sleeping thing for about three months, but I kicked him out because I wasn't getting any sleep. There, I said it. I kicked him out. I have no problems with co-sleeping in general and recognize that it's wonderful for the baby. But I also think it's wonderful for the baby to have a well-rested mother the next day. Executive decision made.

Anyway, he generally does a great job at just going down in his crib, but has been really crabby about that this week. In hindsight (again 20/20 when it comes to babies), he is working on a lot of physical developments right now, being one hand-over-knee motion away from crawling and working on the top front teeth. I understand now (thanks to my ECFE class!) that this does take a lot out of a baby. Who can blame him for wanting to snuggle with his parents at the end of a long day of developing and learning?!

And tomorrow night, he gets to sleep with us for the whole entire night since we'll be up at the cabin with my parents. We'll be pushing two twin beds together and sleeping with the babe in the middle (I suppose we should sleep perpendicular to the seam between the beds...lest the baby fall through!). We're all looking forward to it...fall colors, a warm fire in the cabin while it's getting cold outside, six solid hours of knitting on the ride up and back...wahoo!

I finally got a photo of Jackson in the pumpkin hat, though it's a little difficult to see the chin strap that I just put on this morning. He's learning how to rip his hats off, so this is my response. Three stitches across in seed stitch with a cute little button on one side. Not bad. Now let's see if it works!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you next week!


Aunt Jenny said...

He looks just adorable in it did a great job. He has the prettiest eyes!!!
Have fun at the cabin!!!

Kate said...

That hat is so cute...I am going to have to knit one for my little punkin..
I love to see babies in is SO cute.
UMM..I have to say, we dress just alike...really COOL, that is.
Love and light to you~