Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Perfect Weekend Up North

Just got back tonight from a quick jaunt "up north" to Lake Superior with Jackson's grandparents. Here are a few photos (there were 57 total, so this may be a lot, but I am sparing you from the entire photo album) of our adventures.

• Visiting with Jack's second cousins, Joey, Lucy and new baby Henry (and their parents) at Grandma's Saloon & Grill
• Huge waves on Lake Superior (rainy day, but still really cool)
• Leaves starting to turn their gorgeous fall hues
Betty's Pies
• The cool wooden toy that Grama & Grampa bought for Jackson
• Cabin time
Things to change next time:
• Check when the boats come in before going up so Dan doesn't miss out on a huge ore freighter coming in under the Lift Bridge again
• Do not sleep perpendicular across two twin beds with the Boy in between - the seam between the beds is murder on an adult back (though Jackson slept well all snuggled up between us...)
• Bring something other than a jarred vegetable that must be heated in order to taste good for Jackson to eat. The waitress at the New Scenic Cafe didn't seem to like my attempt to heat up a jar of peas & brown rice in a bowl of hot water and Jack certainly didn't like my attempt to make him eat it. Ask his Grama to tell you the funny story of the gag over the side of the highchair when I wasn't looking...

Without further ado:

Jackson and second cousin Joey, who claims he "always squints" in photos

Joey and sister Lucy

Eight-month-old Jack and two-month-old Henry (who looks exactly like his big sister Lucy!)

A wonderfully long stroller nap as we walked along Canal Park on a chilly fall day

Practicing standing outside of Pioneer Crafts, a local co-op of artisans

At Gooseberry Falls...obviously Jackson was much more interested in the
Falls than the camera!

Smiling for Grama & Grampa...

...but still more interested in what's going on around him than in being photographed!

Sling sleeping on the hike to the lake

Everyone always mentions something about the "cute little bundle" when I carry him in this sling. I never really get to see what they're talking about or just how cute he is a cute little bundle!
YARN! Of course we had to stop at Playing with Yarn on the Scenic Drive Route on the way home. I'm not exactly sure what it will be, but there is a possibility that it will turn into a hat and mitten set. It's 100% wool and is like Lopi, but softer. Dan and Jackson were playing nicely outside in the few minutes of bright sunshine that we got today and so I had time to look around (thanks, boys!). I was about to leave and not buy anything (*gasp!*) but then I saw this. I have to touch everything in yarn stores anyway and this just called out to me. The photo doesn't really do the colors justice, of course. Stay tuned for its evolution into something wearable...


Aunt Jenny said...

That does sound like a perfect trip!!!
I used to live between Grand Rapids and Bemidji...years and years ago....LOVED it there. I think Minnesota is just gorgeous!!
The new yarn is yummy!! Is it for a certain project or just enough to make whatever comes up? I refuse to buy less than two skeins of any yarn since I can always make SOMETHING with two skeins.
Loved seeing the get some rest!! You deserve it!

Becca said...

Your trip up north sounds wonderful. We're excited for a trip to our family cabin the U.P. next week - can't wait for the crisp cool air up there!

I LOVE the pumpkin hat! Any chance you'd want to share the pattern...or direct me to where I can find it? The ear flaps are so great. I'd love one for myself!

Hope to see you and Jackson on Saturday, Catherine! Looking forward to connecting with you all. Becca

Knittymama said...

What a fun weekend!!!! Glad you guys had such a nice time. I love the hat!

Jess said...

I love Gooseberry Falls! We camped there when Grace was a baby, right around this time of year (end of Sept, I think). It is truly glorious in the fall.

I'm glad you had a good trip!h