Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dear yogurt & granola,

Dear yogurt & granola: What is spanakopita?

yogurt & granola says:
(from Wikipedia) Spanakopita (< σπανάκι spinach + πίτα pie) is a Greek spinach pie, made with cooked spinach, phyllo pastry, butter, olive oil, feta cheese (not always), green onions, egg, and seasoning. Several layers of phyllo pastry are used as a two-crust shell if the spanakopita is baked in a pan. The filling can also be rolled up in phyllo pastry to make individual triangles. Once baked, it is golden in color. In Greece, it is mostly eaten as a snack, an alternative to tyropita. In restaurants it can be served with tzatziki sauce and a Greek salad. It has become a popular item in Greek restaurants in the U.S., and is served as either a light meal or an appetizer.

Click here for a recipe from a neato blog. I don't know what recipe Laura used that night that she brought it over here and I never plan to make it. Phyllo dough is too, too fussy for me. But I love eating it and adore people who bring it to me!

Dear yogurt & granola: What pattern did you use for the pumpkin hat?

yogurt & granola says:
Fiber Trends "Ear Cozies," also a "gift" from good friend Laura. Click here for a link to their site, though they don't sell patterns online. You'll have to search your LYS for a copy.


Aunt Jenny said...

oh my gosh Spanikopita sounds so good!! My kind of food!
I agree that Phyllo is fussy. I have made it a couple times and been horrified at how fast my kids and husband chowed it down. I think it is better made for "the girls" where they at least savor it and appreciate it. My crew is just as happy with a pizza.
How lucky are you to have someone bring you such a treat!!!!

laura said...

I knew I recognized those ear flaps! I've made that same hat for a few adults, and I must say, it looks so much cuter on a little one!

teeners said...

hi katie, i just remembered your blog address the other day and have been checking it out. then today i posted something on becca's blog and there you were. funny, i always forget that you two used to work together. i LOVE the pumpkin hat that you knit. it is adorable. i think i might attempt something like it, if so, i might need a consultation. my friends are starting up a knitting club and the first gathering is in a few weeks. maybe they can help me tackle the hat. the pictures of jackson on your site are super cute. keep updating on your projects! talk to you soon, tina