Friday, September 29, 2006

Reel Time

Today's post is about movies. I don't watch very many movies, I can't film a home movie to save my life (though I do anyway, regularly) and I don't much care about movies and the "stars" in them. But today is different*.

Today, readers of yogurt & granola, I present to you, two wonderful movies:

"The Last Knit"
This was emailed to me from my new sister-in-law, Maria, and she's is hilarious. An animated clip about what happens when knitting becomes an obsession (what are you trying to tell me, Maria?!). You don't have to like knitting to like this clip. Almost 7 minutes, but worth it.

"Laundry Boy"
Another home movie starring the Adorable Jackson.

Warning: This movie may be considered incredibly tedious and anticlimactic if you are not directly related to the Star by blood or by marriage. For readers who do not fall into this category: you are welcome to view the clip, but please note that yogurt & granola cannot be held liable for any boredom you may encounter due to this film. Two long minutes of cute, cute baby.

Director's Notes: I couldn't help but record this little interlude of Jackson "helping" to fold his cloth diapers since it had already been going on for nearly five minutes before this. This is one focused baby. Again, Grandmas may appreciate this more than the general public!

In other movie news, I must confess that I do enjoy watching the occasional DVD on the computer while knitting (since we have no TV...yes, we lasted longer than one month - it's an indefinite departure from the boob-tube...). I picked up "Mona Lisa Smile" and "The Village" from the Library to watch this weekend. The former is a chic-flick, admittedly, but I am a chic, so there. (I've already seen it anyway, I love the vintage styling of the film!) And the latter? Well, we'll see. I loved "Unbreakable" (the one about the superheroes) from M.Night Shyamalan, but "Signs" was really bad and "The Sixth Sense" was just dumb. Hmm. Like I said, we'll see. My husband is a movie "jumper" so it should be good for a few shrieks in the living room.

Now all I need is some popcorn!
* I still can't film a home movie. That is not different about today.


Kate said...

That video of J and his diapers is so cute...he is growing up so fast. What a little smarty.
I have seen the knitter too, made my day.

Maria said...

Haha....I thought you would enjoy that knitting clip. It's wonderful and yes, I tend to obsess over projects....Jackson IS getting bigger and bolder. He's adorable! Can't wait to come out and visit.

-Your Sis-in-law Maria