Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jackson's 9-month stats

Jackson is 9-months old as of yesterday and is acting like he's about to say goodbye to babyhood in favor of joining the ranks of his toddler friends.'s gone so fast. So cliche, but so darn true.

How big is he??

• 19 pounds, 7 ounces
(30-something percentile...leveled off quite a bit!)

• 29 inches TALL, since he stands up now
(75th percentile, stayed the same)

• 19 inch head
(still over head)

So he's not gaining as much weight (odd, since he eats like a horse at every meal!) but is still growing upwards (it used to be "length" but now it's "height!") so I guess he's just stretching out a bit now.

He's snoozing from his flu shot right now and I'm a little concerned about whether he'll wake up in time for our ECFE class...but I'm no fool, I will NOT be waking this baby up before he's ready! A nap is a nap and I cherish naps! Here's one more doctor story for you:
How to Make a Mommy Get Very Antsy and Crabby While Leaving the Clinic

Jackson had to get a finger-prick for a lead test and here's what happened:

1. We waited in the lab waiting room (after we already waited upstairs and had his full appointment, we're talking coats-on-ready-to-go-mode here) for 30 minutes. Not kidding.

2. Jackson was an angel and just sat on my lap, talking quietly to me and occasionally smiling at another patient. (Whew.)

3. His finger was pricked while we sang about the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and he didn't even notice.

4. Then he got very interested as the tech proceeded to squeeze his blood from his finger tip into a vial. No tears, no squirming, just watching with a very inquisitive look for a good few minutes. ( we have a doctor on our hands?)

5. But then the tech kept squeezing his finger as she looked away to get an adult-sized Band-Aid to put on his little finger with a cotton ball underneath and...yes, this gets gross...blood went all over the table. He cried, wanted to play with the blood with his other hand, and tried to eat the HUGE SHINY BAND-AID that was just put on his finger like a toy.


That got my heart rate going. Big sigh, left the clinic and put a smaller Band-Aid on his tiny finger in the car...uh, hello? Stupid Mom! Band-Aids are for eating when you're bored in a car and only 9-months old! Luckily, I pulled it out before it went down the throat.

There has to be an easier way! Yes, I'm blaming the tech, but I'm clearly new at this too...

(Sorry for the visually boring post, the camera cord is coming and then we'll get back to photos of cute babies and gorgeous yarn!!)

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