Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mail day!

Yeah! I received my camera-to-computer cord in the mail from my sister in Florida today! That meant that I could finally download the 100+ photos building up on my camera to share with the world. The trouble is, I'm beat tonight. So I will just share Jackson's Halloween photo with you, red eyes and all. He was my "Little Devil Frog" today!

Happy Halloween!

More exciting, fun-filled posts on yogurt & granola to follow shortly, I swear. I have knitting news and husband birthday news and Halloween celebration news and best friend popping in town news, and, and, and...good night.
(This is the photo to which Dan refers in his comment...Jackson way back in the spring at Easter. Yes, I knit the hat, and yes, Dan is right about the expressions being similar: "Tell me again why you're dressing me up like this?...")


dan (aka dad) said...

I'm pretty sure we've seen that face before. Say, for instance, on a baby wearing a rabbit ears hat...

Perhaps Grama Gale needs fodder for another "Do Your Timesheets!" memo at work?

LaVerna said...

aww what a cutie!Thanks for the heads up on the coffee swap!I hope I made it on time!

Kate said...

Your Boy has grown so much!
What a cutie, um...I have to agree with Dan, he does look a little *too* smart to be wearing the rabbit ears...but hey, go for it! Pretty soon you won't be able to get away with it..
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods
Love and light to you,