Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Comes Early

My new teapot! Thank you, Le Creuset!

Christmas came early at my house this year. Oh what fun it is to see a brown truck appear at your door and drop off a box on your step. I'm very happy that Le Creuset decided to replace my teapot that melted earlier this month. (Long story involving a gas range, babies crawling around and a tea kettle that never whistled...) Look at how shiny and new it is!

Christmas has seemed to arrive a bit early this year, but it's a tradition of ours to put the tree up and welcome the Christmas season soon after Thanksgiving, so that's what we did this weekend. How excited was I to remember that we purchased a pre-lit tree last year?! Very. Here it is:

Jackson's having fun with the start of Christmas too. That weird stuffed crab ornament in the teapot photo is Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. I must have gotten it from McDonald's about 15 years ago. I've had it for so long - just a cute little thing to throw on the tree at the bottom along with all of the other soft or unbreakable ornaments (my decorating style has changed dramatically this year!). Jack's taken to the ornament already. But he's being good about "gentle" around the far.

(Ask me again how we're doing in a month!)

He loves the new view from his highchair too. We now have to turn his chair so he can see out the window, otherwise he will strain his neck during the entire meal just to see the amazing display of Christmas lights that our neighbors do each year (this is just a small piece of his view). Did I mention that we live on Christmastown Block? That's what it feels like! Luckily, we love it. We don't do our house up too, but we do enjoy the festive atmosphere around our home. (Already getting sick of the gawkers and flash photography, but that's what curtains are for...)

As for the Dedication Cabled Sweater for Jackson, it's coming along o-k-a-y. Mostly okay. Wait,'s okay. The knitting is going fine, but it's more the "finding the time to knit" that I'm struggling with lately. I'm a tiny bit behind schedule according to how many pieces I was supposed to have done by now. (I know, so what am I doing blogging?!)

I would show you an update of the sweater, but all the pieces look the same so far. The back is done, the left front is about 2-4 rows from being done and I made a very feeble attempt at starting out on the right front last night (was stuck on a bad movie that kept me from knitting...I know, why didn't I just turn it off?!).

Anyway, procrastination is in my blood (truly, it's my family pedigree), so I guess I'm not too worried about it. I'm energized by just the mention of "the last minute." Just slightly, somewhat, maybe...c-o-n-c-e-r-n-e-d at this point (which is why I'm blogging instead of knitting...I'm not freaked out yet!). Stay tuned. Or maybe not. This blog may go quiet for a while if/when I really get going on it!

In the meantime, Merry Bells to all! (Think of the words to "Silver Bells" and you'll get it...)


Beemoosie said...

B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l tree!

Tashaaaaaaaah said...

It is so funny because last year at Christmas, ZOe was just brand new. She was 6 weeks old AT Christmas. She was here for it, but not present, if you will. This year, everything is so new for her and thus, making it new for us, too. It is sooo much fun with small children.

Nancy Jo said...

How nice your tree looks, and you have such a nice site, seems so calm here.

Aunt Jenny said...

Beautiful tree Catherine!! How fun for Jackson to have his first taste of all the Christmas fun..I love that!!

Hege said...

Hi! Your tree looks wonderful! I really fell the cristmas spirit now! We put up the tree about a week befor the 24th, but the tradition here in Norway is to put up the tree the 23th. But I like to get the feeling of christmas a bit before. I'm excited to see how Endre is going to react... Hopefully he will leave it alone :)

Susan said...

Oh wow, it's Hege making a comment just ahead of me! Fancy meeting my Knitter's Tea Swap partner on my Knitter's Coffee Swap partner's blog! lol Hello Hege!!!

I just received my KCS package and I'm so jazzed by it that I had to come on over and visit you here on you blog. Wish we could sit down and share a cup of the great Joe you sent me, share some of the delicous treats and do a little knitting. But for now, a virtual hug ((( BIG HUG ))) will have to suffice for being such a fantastic swap partner. Thanks, Catherine. You ROCK!!!