Thursday, November 23, 2006


There is nothing better in the entire world that sitting at my Aunt & Uncle's dining room table, eating a piece of pumpkin pie and listening to Johnny Mathis singing "Sleigh Ride"** after Thanksgiving dinner. I can't believe I wasted all of those years as a kid on the chocolate desserts when pumpkin pie - real pumpkin pie actually made by my now deceased Grama - was just sitting there going unnoticed by a too hyper 8-year old. But now I make the pie (using Grama's recipe of course) and I eat the pie. And I love the pie. I love Thanksgiving too, we had a great day:

At the Turkey Day 5K in downtown Minneapolis at 8:30 this morning. 8,000 people turned out to run/walk since it was a balmy 41 degrees, all to benefit Second Harvest Heartland - and our waistlines, since we all knew we would be pigging out later on!
(left to right: Sister-in-law Christa, Mom/Grama, me holding Jackson, Uncle Bob, Brother Tom [Baby Tommy was there too, as was Dan, the photographer!])
Jackson's big into practicing his walking skills these days. Anyone want to make bets on walking by Christmas? New Year's?
This one is thrown in here simply because I adore it. I absolutely adore my son's big blue eyes. Can I gush here? I think I just did.
Christa and her baby, Tommy. He was awake almost the entire day except for here! Five weeks old today.
Cousin Betsy and her "baby" Natalie. I taught Natalie how to knit a few weeks ago and we had another practice session today. I think she got it this time!
Playing games with Grama before dinner...
"No! No! Not meat!" Just kidding, he was just playing with his hands when I snapped this one. I would have loved for him to detest the very first bite of meat that he had today (Thanksgiving turkey), but he ate it and seemed to like it. Oh well, this vegetarian mom will have to start serving some meat!
Playing with a box of blocks that his Great-Grampa used to play with as a that's cool stuff.
Natalie was Jackson's new best friend today! They couldn't get enough of each other.
"Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too...come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you..."
"...there's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy, when we pass around the coffee and the pumpkin will nearly be like a picture print by Courier & Ives...these wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives..."
I have much to be thankful for today. Very much. And I am.


Ruth said...

Looks like a great day, and you're right, he does have beautiful blue eyes.

LaVerna said...

Sounds like a great day.I would gush over blue like that too.None of my kiddos have blue eyes though.I am betting the little guy is walking by Christmas then look out mommy!
My dd#2's name is Christa spelled the same.The correct way.That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

You go ahead and gush! Those are beautiful blue eyes!~e

Susan said...

Thanksgiving is the best! Glad you and your family had a good one.

kate said...

I have been back to your blog 3 times now to gush over your sweet babe!
I am glad you had a good holiday!
Oh, and I am SO glad that Patagonia fleecy is getting used again! Don't you just love it?!?!
Love and light

Catherine said...

Kate: Jackson's wearing the navy blue cords that you sent for him too! Love the clothes, he wears them all the time! Thanks again!!!