Sunday, November 12, 2006


Me again, the Emergency Room Mama. That's where we took Jackson today. Nothing like spending seven hours in a hospital with sick, screaming children everywhere (GERMS! OH MY GOD!) and your child who is completely lethargic and bean-bag-like due to the hypoglycemia and dehydration that set in because he vomitted up everything that went into him starting this morning. Fever kept going up all day too, but they sent us home with a 100 degree temp (at our pleading, we needed to go home...) with instructions to see our doctor tomorrow. He was X-rayed and hooked up to an IV all day. I do not believe that there is anything worse than seeing your child hooked up to beeping things and not moving...


The IV did wonders though. He wasn't exactly doing cartwheels after the sugar water went into his blood like the nurse promised (really?), but he was able to at least half-heartedly play with some toys and pretend to watch the Wizard of Oz on TV with us. Now we're home and he won't sleep. Cry city. This stomach bug is going around now, may your babies be safe from it. Ick.
p.s. My new idea of hell is a children's hospital waiting room on a Sunday afternoon. ohmygodpleasedonotcoughonmyalreadysickkidonemoretimeiswear...

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Anonymous said...

Oh Catherine...what a nightmare!!
I hope he finally lets you guys get some sleep tonight and that he feels alot better in the morning. Poor little guy..poor you too!!!
Hugs from Utah..hang in there!!
Love, Aunt Jenny
(your blog won't let me sign on except with anonymous tonight