Monday, November 13, 2006

Why am I awake at 5:48 a.m.?

Because I've been awake all night long, why bother trying to sleep this morning? Jackson only woke up once (and is still sleeping now), so he's not the reason for my waking. But both his Daddy and I have succumbed to his stomach bug and we're keeping the illness "all in the family." Both of the adult stomaches in the house have been in knots all night and neither one of us got any sleep. Looks like it's going to be a "clear liquids diet" for all three of us today. Jell-o, Gatorade/Pedialyte and maybe bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dan's taking a sick day today so 1.) I'll have help with Jackson, 2.) he doesn't keep the bug going at his office, and 3.) both of us can try to get some napping in today.

Bottom line: We are exhausted.

Edit from last night's post: I do know that there is something worse than watching your kid being hooked up to machines and not moving, but we're not going there. Last night never got that dramatic for us and we're thankful that it was "relatively" easy as far as a hospital visit goes.

Wishing you good health.


Gretchen said...

Oh, sorry you're all felled by a nasty bugger! We had one go through our family a couple weeks ago. Nasty! Hope you all get some rest and feel better soon!

Ruth said...

Hope you are all feeling back to full health soon. We had that at our house earlier in the year necessitating a 2am trip to our local GP - they are 24 hour on call thank God.

Kate_S said...

My thoughts are with you all and I hope you have a speedy recovery! If you need anything (like someone to run to the store or the pharmacy) give me or Andy a call. We'd be happy to help! Get better soon!

kate said...

How terrible for you, and Jackson, and Daddy!! I know exactly what you mean about sick kids..I would rather it be me twice than watch my babes suffer!
OH, how I wish we were neighbors!!!I would help if I could!
I am sending well-wishes and healing blessings...
Love and light