Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jackson's Big Day

Saturday started off with a trip to Grampa's work Christmas party, but Grampa wasn't anywhere in sight. Someone said that he went to go pick up Santa Claus and that he was parking the sleigh during the party. We did see him right after Santa left though...too bad he missed Santa *again* this year!
Jackson was not sure so about sitting on Santa's lap.
It was sort of okay to walk up to Santa on his own terms...
...and he didn't mind so much when his Mommy sat on Santa's knee.

The day continued with another big adventure: HIS FIRST HAIRCUT! We wanted to wait until he was one year old, but he was actually stumbling while crawling with so much hair hanging in his face lately. So we called up Dick's Sports Barbershop and got an appointment with the Old Man himself. This is the same barber who used to cut my brother's hair when he was about Jackson's size (and gave him his first flat-top!) and still cuts Grampa's hair today. (Along with about all of my other cousins too!)

Dick was awesome, quick and very gentle with Jackson. Grama held him so I could do the photo-shoot thing (I took *way* too many photos...) and Grampa made an appearance at the end for some schmoozing and Saturday afternoon fun. Dick's grandbabies were visiting too, all in the family!

Dick said something about a "first free haircut program" that they used to have way back when before folks started abusing it. He asked if I was the one who called to ask about that earlier and when I jumped on it and said "oh yeah, uh, sure, right...that was me, I DID call to ask about the first free haircut" he just shook his head and said that I am definitely my father's daughter. (You gotta know my Pop.) Suffice it to say, Jackson's first haircut was free and Dick rocks.
Hair in the eyes!
Dick's moose toy came out towards the end, though Jackson had a terrible time trying to grab it through the cape. (Look at that Little Boy who is appearing with every snip of baby hair!)
A little "product" to make him shine, though he didn't crack a smile the entire time. Didn't cry either so we got really lucky there!
For the remainder of the day I was in awe of Dick's magical powers. He transformed my baby boy into a Little Boy. Unbelievable.
Jackson couldn't keep his nice "do" for very long though and let loose in the kitchen at home for play time. Carrots on his face and everything...
It looks like he's praising the Refrigerator Gods (he does love his food), but he's actually clapping his hands with Mommy.
After Jackson went to bed, Dan and I made this "Buttermilk Hedgehog" loaf of bread for a caroling potluck on Sunday afternoon. This is bread-making the old-fashioned way, sans bread machine! I had to hand off the kneading to Dear Old Dan though, to save my finger strength for...
...this. Just stitching up the sleeve and side seams now. Next up: attaching buttons, washing/conditioning the wool and blocking it out. Looks like I'm on schedule for next weekend! (And I'm already scheming about my next project: 24 mini-stockings for Advent treasures...for NEXT Christmas. Never hurts to start early.)
merry, merry!


dan (aka dad) said...

Wow! All this on Saturday! It will make Sunday a tough one to top!!*

*If there are home-made sugar cookies at caroling today, then Sunday wins out, big time.

kate said...

Wow! J's big boy hair cut is so cute! And, he *does* look like a big boy. How fun to visit the family barber!!
WOW WOW double WOW on the sweater!!
C!! you are totally awesome!! That is beautiful. And what an heirloom!
Hope you have a great Sunday
Love K

kate said...

OH! I forgot to add...I *love* the sweater you are wearing in the Santa pics! Very pretty! I like your headband too...I am a big fan of the bandana/headband thing....

LaVerna said...

Love the dedication sweater.It turned out really nice.I also like Jackson's hair cut-he looks so big now!I cried when my son got his first hair cut.We cut off his gorgeous curls.That was 11 years ago and I still tear up...sigh.
And the comment about me being a pro swapper-hubby says I am a pro SHOPPER!LOL!

Susan said...

Oh, what a handsome young man! Did you save a lock of hair to commemorate that first haircut?

Aunt Jenny said...

Adorable pics..made me think of oldest son Corey's first haircut...a long long time ago!!! (he is 29 now!!)
The dedications sweater is beautiful!! and I agree with Kate..the sweater you have on in the santa pics is so pretty!!!!!

Ruth said...

The hair cut is lovely, he looks very grown-up. The sweater looks beautiful.

meghan said...

your kid has like a BILLION times more hair than my kid. no fair.