Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Jackson participated in his first ever Peace March last weekend and it was quite an experience (photos). I think that he thought that the 4,000+ marchers really came out to see him, considering all of the flirting he did. While my child is darling (of course), the real point of the march was to send a strong message of peace to the (unfortunate) powers that be. To let them know that we are not happy with the current state of affairs in Iraq. To let them know that enough is enough. As if the resounding message of Iraq war disapproval from the most recent election wasn't clear enough, we marched. Just to really send the message home.

It was nice to know that we weren't alone, with similar marches taking place all over the country (world?) also with thousands and thousands of people. Dan and I had deja vu since we have been on this march, start to finish, on the same streets, protesting the same war a few times before. We protested the start of the war and attended vigils. We marched on the first anniversary...or was it the second? Could have been the third. They all blur together now. Now that we've been engaged in this "conflict" for four years.

This march was different than the others though, because it was great to have Jackson with us and to start instilling our views of peace in him at this early age. It's inspiring and empowering to be with so many other people who agree with the simple message of peace...sort of made the next day a bit easier when I heard of all of the violence in Iraq...ever present, ever continuing. But honestly, I hope this was the last time we have to march to make our voices heard on this one. March 19, 2008...I hope we can all stay home, safe and sound. Everyone. Everywhere.


Clare said...

Totally agree! Glad you could participate. Activism is good for the soul.

Maria said...

Wow, Jackson sure does get around for a 1 year old!! Adventures with Jackson...hmm that sounds like a good book!

-Auntie Maria