Friday, April 20, 2007

love, friday

This edition of "love, friday" is photo-less due to my lack of concern for packing the camera everywhere we went this week. I know, I know...I'll be better about it next week!

Love going to the park with Jackson by bike. Love meeting up with friends Indra, Kaija, Meritxell and Eulalia at the park and watching all of the kids run around. Love that Jackson explores without hesitation, though a part of me wishes he had just a bit more sense of caution in him.

Love my Tuesday night knitting group, The Blue Moonies.

Love knitting on Jackson's sweater everywhere we go this week. Love that I figured out that my small camping stuff sack is the perfect bag to clip to my belt loop to hold my yarn and knitting. Love that this sweater is flying off the needles and makes me want to knit a million more things for him.

Love that Needlework Unlimited has three more skeins of the Claudia's Handpaint in the "Eat Your Veggies" colorway that I bought a while back without a project in mind. Love that I now have a project in mind for it.

Love that the cat sleeps on the back of whatever couch or chair I'm sitting on lately and wraps his tail around my neck, like a hug.

Love that Grama is taking Jackson tomorrow so Dan and I can finally get the house clean. Love that he loves to clean as much as I do.

Love that My Cousin Ginny (how many of you get to say that?) is coming to town this weekend. Love that I get to knit with Ginny and Tina on Sunday.

Love that Sunday is Earth Day. Love that we're not taking our car out at all on Sunday, and hopefully very little for the weekend. Love that we compost, use cloth diapers, recycle, re-purpose, and make do with little or without to lessen our environmental impact. Love the Earth.

Love Jackson. Love Dan.

love, friday

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Chris said...

I love reading your love, Friday lists. :) They're very uplifting.