Monday, April 23, 2007

This sweater is playing tricks on me.

I love Jackson's recycled cotton sweater. Love, love, love it. It's been fun and easy to knit and I love the color and how it's looking so far. Except for this:
[with flash]

[without flash]

Can you see the color line where I switched skeins near the bottom? I can (click on the photos to enlarge and maybe you'll see it I crazy?).

I didn't see this shocking color contrast before because I was never looking at this thing while knitting it. Why would I? It's only stockinette, this is conversation knitting. But I looked down last night to admire my work and - to my horror - I discovered this color differentiation line. Almost imperceptible, really, but it may as well be neon pink to my eyes.

I ran upstairs to grab the skein labels to make triple sure that I bought the same dye lots and...I DID. So why do I have this much color variation? And more importantly, should I rip back and attempt with one of the other two skeins that I have? I'm going to need three out of the four skeins I have for this project so I could take my chances on this being the bad one. But then again, maybe the first one was the bad one and then I'm just screwed. Or maybe they're all different, despite being from the same lot...

What do you think, Knitters? I'm postponing continuing on this until I hear from you...please comment below!

(The measuring tape is pictured because I thought I was having gauge issues that I was going to complain about too. But...I'M NOT. I'm getting 5 stitches per inch and 13.5 inches across under the arms and the pattern calls for 4.5 stitches per inch and 14 inches across. Since I wanted this to be slightly smaller than the smallest size in the pattern, it looks like I'm on track! For once. Don't worry, I won't let this go to my head. And clearly, I'm already paying for it with dye lot issues...)

In other, more exciting news, the sweater is pictured on my floor because I love my floor now. My non- sticky- apple- juice- and- milk- spotted floor. I am under no delusion that it will remain stick-free, but I am enjoying it now. We scrubbed the house from top to (almost) bottom on Saturday (didn't get to the basement, the basement always suffers, doesn't it?) and it's so nice to go to sleep in a clean house in the spring time with the windows open. We even pulled the fridge out...when does *that* happen?!


Like I said, it won't last, so if you want to come over for coffee, better make it this week!


stickchick said...

I can't see any color difference. It was amazing how with or without flash how much the whole project's color changed though.

I hate to say rippit back, but if it really stands out and will ruin the finished project's satifaction to you, then I would rippit. But really, from here, I can't see any change! REAlly!!

kathy said...

I see it Catherine. I had a similar situation with a cardigan for myself, and I just decided to live with it. The cardi was an "everyday" sweater, so I wasn't devastated or anything. I can still see it (10 years later), but when I point it out to other people, they say they never would have noticed it.

Could you do a couple rows of duplicate stitch over it, like a fair isle pattern to make a break between the colors? It would never be noticable then. Or, if you do rip it back, I would re-knit with one or two rows from one ball and one or two from the other so you'll have the subtle color variations throughout the sweater instead of possibly having another color shift when you change balls again.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


Eren said...

I'll be right over with my new sugar bowl! I miss our wood floors at the house in Va. Beach. They are just so much warmer than tile. Love how yours are shinin'. And if I were you, I'd just keep on knittin'. I am not a knitter, but I think I would get too discouraged ripping all of that amazing work out. It looks great to me.

Chris said...

I want to see a full-on fridge picture. :)

Um...... can you knit a little square from one of your other skeins to see if they are actually closer in color when knit? Maybe they're all slightly off... How frustrating!

My Hourglass sweater has something similar going on, but it's not too visible unless someone takes a flash picture!

Kristina said...

Okay, so here's the weird thing: I saw it before I read about it. The graphics loaded before the words on the screen and I wondered...

The bottom line: it's YOUR sweater, for Jackson, and it is beautiful. He will grow into it, he will grow out of it, so can you live with it?

Personally, I am in the simple embellishment camp; if you can do something fun to distract the eye, however simple, you can completely eliminate the difference (what difference? and what cute embroidered frogs!)

Either way, your house looks FABULOUS! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Cinnamongirl(Carrie) I see a color dif. but it is not that noticable only if you are looking for it. I would only rip it out if it bothers you and is going to continue too. Myself I would not. So I guess you are back where you started but knowing you do not need glasses. LOL Looks good.

Rebecca said...

Well...............if it were ME, I would have to rip it out because it would bug me forever. I might initially wear the sweater but when the novelty wore off I would not be wearing it as much. BUT, that is ME and I tend to be a perfectionist. I have a sweater sleeve downstairs that I am contemplating frogging after hours of work so I feel your pain sweetie! But only YOU know if it would bother you.

shizzknits said...

I can see the color diff pretty clearly. Augh!!! I would probably rip it out and re-knit since it's just stockinette and it looks top down so you aren't ripping the whole thing.

Another alternative (instead of ripping) would be to duplicate stitch or embroider a pattern right at the spot where the colors change. That way it breaks up the obvious color line and looks like you meant for it to be there.

Debra said...

I would probably rip back and alternate skeins for a number of rows. It should meld the change in bit by bit-- and be *less* perceptable to your eyes. (You'll probably still see it-- but no one else will!)

deepa said...

The color change is perceptible- even without enlarging the photo. Definitely rip and alternate skeins. I know, aggravating! But if you don't, it will bug you forever. If you are taking the effort to knit the sweater, might as well take the time to fix it. Good luck!

You should talk to the LYS/yarn co. about why the same dyelot has so much variation. It's really unacceptable and they should make it up to you somehow.

Jill said...

Two comments -
I had a sweater with a glitch in the pattern, I wore it and nobody ever noticed unless I pointed it out. I also had a sweater with a color "shift" and it drove me nuts. You really have to decide what you can live with. I ended up ripping the color problem and fixing it but I wore the other sweater - no problem.

2nd comment- do you do floors for other people!!! :-) I have an entire main level with hardwood floors that didn't see the light of day for 40 years (carpet). You wouldn't believe what happens to floors that aren't cared for. ICK! The carpet is now gone the stains live on.