Thursday, May 03, 2007

love, friday

Love watching my cousin Carrie marry her best friend Jake. Love that they had the most beautiful day for a wedding you could ever dream of in Minnesota for late April.

Love that Carrie went all out with creative touches for her wedding including sending blank pages out with the invitation for guests to create their own special guestbook page before the wedding. Love the recipe cards they sent home as guest favors with recipes from each of their families. Love the wedding programs hanging from the chairs with hemp twine. (Love that Carrie is also a Knitter and will totally appreciate my knit guestbook page.)

Love watching my brother, Tom with his son, Tommy. Love the love.

Love cuddling with my son in our bed on a Sunday morning after he slept the entire night in his bed for the second week straight.

Love watching Jackson play with his friend Ellie at our Knitting Mamas playgroup. Love the peekaboo game with the bench.

Love watching the world go by as I sit in my car near Lake Harriet and knit on Jackson's hoodie while he sleeps in the backseat after his doctor's appointment. Love the perfect weather on May Day.

Love that my legs are still burning from biking 15 miles today, up and down many hills and (seemingly) always into heavy winds while pulling the trailer. Love that I visualized Dan in rollerblades behind us pushing Jackson's trailer up the hills to help me out. Love that we can go out and do the things that we would normally do but just leave the car at home. Love that Jackson loves the orange flag on the bike trailer.

Love that Jackson drops everything he's doing - no matter what or when or where - to dance to the theme song for Marketplace Money on NPR (or even just a commercial for the program). Love that he has singled out this program's theme song only and *actively* dances to it (do we have a little Alex P. Keaton on our hands?). Love Jackson's dance moves and promise to capture it in movie format sometime soon for you all.

Love finished socks and hoodies back on track (more knitting details to follow, this one is now done).

Love knowing so many lovely pregnant mommas and anticipating all of the new baby love that's soon to come (Kelley, Monica, Jen, Jane, Emily, Sarah...).

Love my Mom - Happy Birthday Mom!

Love that love, friday is done on Thursday night this week for all of my early morning Friday readers (sit down, grab your coffee and feel the love!).

love, friday


Ginny said...

Love the picture of tom and tommy too!! oh my cousins:) also love the family ties reference...where did Carrie get married? The wedding sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

love that I will love seeing the video footage of my long distance nephew, get to it please!!!
Aunt Missy :)

christina said...

that's really funny about marketplace money. i love that show, but i don't dance to the song ;)

Hege said...

You had a wonderful view to knit to! We have a lake just below our house, but it's still covered with ice... Have a great weekend :)

kate said...

C~Love, Friday is so great! How awesome is it that J now sleeps through the night! Did you wean him? That's when my girls started sleeping all night, when they didn't have anything "good" to get up for anymore!
Love and light to you