Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Owl Post

A surprise package landed on my doorstep today and I'm not sure if it was delivered by the convential Muggle Postal Service or if it came by owl. Either way, it was certainly a magical package!

Kristina sent me Charmed Knits, a book which I have been drooling over! These patterns are so clever and inspiring. I can't wait to get going on Errol! The organic chocolate bar is lucky to have made it into the photo because it's about to be torn open and the candle is a lovely little stinker called "blue bamboo." How could you not love something called blue bamboo? Smells so yummy. The MJF card rounded out this package and made for many smiles all around (even Jackson loved it...he carried the box around all afternoon and loved the tissue paper inside!).

Thank you, Kristina!! Farmgirls rock.


Megan said...

Hi Catherine! I love the book too. I got one for Jayne, hope she'll like it. Oh, you've been tagged. Check out the rules on my blog!

stickchick said...

I love that book too!! I want to pretty much make everything in it! Just in time for your Harry Potter sock a long too! Now we can be so stylish at the new book arrival huh?

Kristina said...

Yay! I'm so glad they arrived safely. I must admit, I normally "do more" with my packages--coordinated tissue, little stickers, handmade what-nots, but I didn't get a chance this time. The book, the card, and the candle sat on my desk for about ten days before I thought, "You know, she's gonna go buy this book and knit four pieces from it before you ever get a chance to send it to her." So I bit the bullet and sent it, boring though the package might have been. Glad that it brought some lgiht to your day. Enjoy!

Chris said...

What great goodies! I'm very impressed that the chocolate made it into the shoot. :)