Friday, June 29, 2007

love, friday

Do not love aluminum knitting needles and acrylic yarn, but love finishing up a patchwork baby blanket of squares knit by my late aunt for her grandson whom she never met.* Love that my aunt was a great knitter (far better than these acrylic squares can show) and that working on this project makes me think of her. Do not love that she died before I learned to knit so I never got to share this with her. Would love to be able to tell her: "Aunt Barbara, I knit now."

Love that the previous owners of our home planted lilies all over the backyard. Love this color:

• and this color:

• and this color too.

Love elf hats and cutie booties in the flower garden, even though the photo is blurry and they are camouflaged in the woodchips. Love knitting them up quickly this week for my cousin's baby shower this weekend.

Love watching my tomato plants grow. Love watching the other plants in our tiny vegetable plot grow too, but they were a gift from our neighbor and I can't remember if they're Brussels sprouts or eggplants. Love the anticipation of waiting to find out which yummy vegetable we'll get to cook up (yes, I could ask...but that's not as much fun).

Love waking up early on a chilly Friday morning while my boys are still sleeping. Love that Dan is sleeping soundly now, considering that he worked 40 hours straight this week (yes, I mean straight: 6am one day to 10pm the next day with just one half hour of sleep on the company couch). Love that we have a long weekend in front of us now and can't wait to see my cousins, aunts and uncles at our family reunion.

love, friday
* The squares were just knit squares that my aunt must have done to pass the time. She didn't intend for them to be a baby blanket, as far as I know. She had knit a sweater for every member of her family before she died eight years ago, including her four grandchildren. A fifth grandchild was born last summer so it only seemed fitting the he should get *something* knit by his grandma. Now...I just need to finish it up before the weekend!


Chris said...

Those lillies are amazing! What a wonderful thing to be doing for your aunt and for the newest grandchild. Have a great weekend!

Hege said...

love your lillies. I have some orange that I'm waiting to open :)

Kristina said...

love your love, friday, as always! i miss the lilies i had at my old apartment--yours are just breathtaking! and the baby blanket is an incredibly creative and thoughtful way to connect multiple generations. what a marvelous way to put your hands to work with your aunt's gentle spirit! =)

shizzknits said...

Love the idea of you finishing the blanket and I'm sure your aunt would love it too.

Your lilies are lovely, BTW!

Ginny said...

I too wish I could show aunt barbara everything I have made since she is the one who taught me how to knit. she is definately missed everyday. That quilt was AWESOME!