Thursday, June 28, 2007

To my house, I must be true.

I am a Hufflepuff! Go black and yellow! Woot!

I have to admit that I was *not* excited to have been sorted in the House of Hufflepuff in preparation for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. Black and yellow socks? This is one time it would have been really cool to be a and gray... But my awesome secret swapper, Hagitha Twittlesnap, told me that it would be alright and she would knit some cool socks despite the seemingly unavoidable bee-stripe fate in front of me.

Today, she came through. Would you look at those beauties?! NatureSpun sport, soft wool in gorgeous black with a beautiful cable pattern and just a bit of yellow at the top to prove that I truly am a Hufflepuff. They fit perfectly and I couldn't be happier with my swap socks. Thank you, Hagitha! (I know that's not your Muggle name, but I dig your Hogwarts moniker!)

So check out the other goodies too, can you believe it? Handmade stitch markers in house colors, Sox Stix from Lantern Moon in US1 Rosewood (!), tons of HP candy treats, bath lotions and goodies, tea and some *gorgeous* hand-dyed C*Eye*Ber Fiber sock yarn from Mama E + a cool, cool sock pattern. LOVE THE YARN!

All of these treats were just incredible, but we're talking major house points for Hagitha for going all out for Jackson too. He got a special gift in this swap and talk about thoughtful: a book just for him called "Our New Baby," all about a young brother getting ready for his new little brother/sister. That was so cool that I just about cried. Jackson opened his package (with help), said "BABA" (baby), climbed into my lap and handed it to me so we could read it together.

Hagitha, you rock. Your sock knitting efforts and incredible package making skills have surely earned you your O.W.L., if not your N.E.W.T. too. Thank you!
Did you catch how awesome that sock box is? It's from "Madame Malkin's Fine Robes and Students Outfitters since 1606." Side label from the box: "House Elf Friendly. No magical creatures were exploited in the making of these socks." So THAT'S why Hagitha mentioned that these were socks of which Dobby could be proud!!


Hege said...

Lucky you!!
Great package you've got - the socks are beautiful. Have a great weekend :)

sprite said...

What a totally rocking package. Your pal knocked it out of the park.

Chris said...

WOW. Hagitha outsdid herself - and I'm glad you escaped bee foot fate with those beauties.

Heide said...

Catherine, I am so glad you like the package. It's been so hard to not comment on all of your posts, but I was trying hard not to spoil your surprize. Jackson is too cute for words. I'll be following your blog permanently. Interhouse Hugs!