Friday, July 06, 2007

love, friday

Love watching Jackson wear his Daddy's hat and shoes.

Love falling asleep to the sound of Lake Superior. Love the smell of the North Shore. Love the smell of the tent. Love the smell of the campfire.

Love stopping in at the only yarn store on our Scenic Route drive, looking around, enjoying the view (lake AND yarn) and not buying anything. (Yes, I feel okay.)

Love the buttery green Malabrigo hat that I knit for Jackson on the way up in preparation for the chilly night of camping (even though it was too short for his big head and has become a "do-over").

Love watching Jackson play piano with his cousin Tommy while Grama spots the back bench.

Love root beer floats in the summer.

Love the "Eat Your Veggies" colorway from Claudia Co. that I'm knitting into a simple fall vest for J-Man.

Love the tabi socks that are flying off the needles for my mother-in-law. Love that they are perfect for her since she loves to wear socks with her thong sandals. (I'm only using the tabi pattern for the toe, then it's a regular toe-up formula with the Retro Rib from "Favorite Socks" for the cuff.)

Love central air conditioning on the 4th of July so that we didn't have to listen to all of the neighbors' fireworks all night long.

Love the movie "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" viewed for the millionth time in preparation for the Harry Mania about to hit next week with Movie #5. Love that Jackson napped for FOUR HOURS on Thursday, allowing me to indulge in knitting and Harry movies.

love, friday


Chris said...

Bless the air conditioning for blocking out at least some of the firecracker noise...

I have to get cracking listening to the rest of the books before 7 comes out! The movie I can wait on until the mania dies down a bit.

Hege said...

Love the colour of the yarn your using for the vest! Have a great weekend!

GardenGoose said...

hey there, just checking in with my friends to say "howdy" gracious Jackson is growing! he looks so adorable in that hat and big shoes. they are so fun at that age. My little girl turns 3 on the 25th..yikes..time sure flies.All of your projects look nice..I especially like that red yarn..very pretty.
Hope you are having a good week!

Rob & Maria said...

I love seeing Jackson wearing his Daddy's shoes and hat too. How cute. He's growing fast...I'm so happy that we will be able to see him, and you and Dan of course, in just a little under a week!!!!!!!!!!