Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"No, YOU rock!"

Knittymama just nominated me for this new prestigious blogging award and I must copy her blog post and admit to a *blush* too. Thanks, Rockin' Knittymama!!
These good vibes must be kept a-movin' on the blogosphere so here I go nominating my five.

Rockin' Girl Bloggers:

• Kristina of accidental miracles. This girl is so rockin' that she and her beau have built an entire farm within - like - the past two weeks. Amazing.

• Heges over at the Hobbykrok. An amazing, rockin' Norwegian knitter with adorable kids and incredible scenery all around. Eye-candy. Norway is eye-candy.

Indieknits Girl. I live vicariously through this rockin' girl as she knits, meets her knitting group for a pint in a London pub, knits, buys some more yarn, knits some more...you get the idea. I SO wish I could join her knitting group...

• Nikki of Knitensity. Dudes. This girl knits some awesome sweaters, writes damn funny posts about knitting and life and has the most amazing hair. It's true. I met her in a yarn shop while traveling, I've seen it.

Tinkingbell. She keeps claiming that she's a "new" blogger, but she blogs like she was born doing it. Another awesome knitter and mama and she lives in TASMANIA. How else would I ever find this rockin' blogger without the blogosphere?!

Okay, those are my five. But I can't stop there because I have a special category to add.

My Local Homegirl Rockin' Girl Bloggers:

Mama Grouch. How can you not love Mama Grouch + The Creep? Just don't ask her about pooling yarn for sock knitting...sticky subject right now.

See Rebecca. This is one amazing, rockin' girl. She knits, she's 99.9% done with her Ph.D., she's running a half-marathon next month and she is a breast cancer survivor. She calls herself a warrior and I agree.

Purple Purl Girl. The blogosphere land may not know this rockin' blogger well since she doesn't post enough (ahem...) but I know her. PPG rocks. ROCKS. Her kid is damn adorable too.

That's it, I swear! There are so many more blogs that I read and I bet I could come up with some fun new categories just so I could name them all (because they all really deserve the Rockin' Girl Blogger award), but it's time for bed. Take a looksie at the list on the left and you'll find most of 'em. Click, click, rock, rock...give 'em a read!


Chris said...


Laura said...

Congrats, and thank you for the nomination!!

Maybe the knitters over in the UK should have a fund raiser to get some US knitters over for a pint!

Laura x

GardenGoose said...

Congratulations! way to go! woohoo.
hey come visit me..I have a new give away going on. :0)

TinkingBell said...

Thank you thank you - I can't believe you said such great things (blush) - strangely I just posted a mention of you in my blog before I read this - ain't life weird? How DID you find me by the way?

We mama's need to stick together!

Hege said...

Thank you so much for the nomination :) Love your blog too! Have a great weekend

stickchick said...

Congrats on the nomination!! Too cool!! You rock and you get my vote!