Thursday, August 09, 2007

FO Report: Creative Failure

Well, my Esperanza Greenjeans shawl is done. And I mean, DONE. Here it is at 1:15 p.m. today:
And here it is just 10 minutes later:
I was hopeful that the 280 yards would somehow stretch into a longer shawl to actually wrap around my shoulders (my impression of what a shawl should do), but this bulky yarn shawl ended at less than 42" across. Since my wingspan is approximately 64", it just wasn't going to work. Not even a neato shawl pin would make this one seriously barely covered my shoulders and was just too bulky to tie.

Oh well, it was only a week of knitting and I did enjoy it. Never fear, I love this yarn and it will become something else this fall or winter. Any ideas on what to do with 280 yards of gorgeous hand-dyed alpaca/lambswool? Ideas welcome! (Other than scarves, I've got that one down and simmering already...but I'm sort of scarfed-out.)

Jackson quickly forgave the yarn for not being long enough and gave it a big hug, complete with an "aww..." I think he was just happy that his mom was actually letting him touch yarn for once (what was I thinking?!).
Ending on this creative failure note tonight does not make me feel particularly deserving of an award, but Hege over in Norway just nominated me for this:

Thanks, Hege! I could just turn it around and say "no YOU are creative!" but since you've already been nominated, I will share the glory with others:

Mama Grouch - This woman is one of the most creative women I know. Merely suggesting a new craft, project, or scheme around her always results in a myriad of ideas and a flourish of activity and *POOF!* she did it. Seriously.

This Vintage Chica - If y'all don't know Eren, you should go on over and say hello. She can turn an apron into a backpack in 3 minutes flat...and she has three small boys!

The Mrs. of Mr. & Mrs. Me - My sister-in-law Maria is so creative that she'll make your head spin. She's an up and coming young designer and somehow finds time to create and show her personal art. Not to be missed.

Sarah in Bolivia - My Peace Corps friend who knows how to use scissors and glue. This woman never misses an opportunity to cut out some cool paper from all different sources for cards, notes and surprises. Oh, and she also just opened a library in her small village when her Eco-tourism job fell THAT's creative.

Shizknits - This crafty, momma blogger takes the best photos I've seen on the Web. And she does it for hire. (And her boys are just about the cutest models you could ever hope to find!)

Award details some other neat ideas to spread the blogging award love!

Thanks for all of your awesome contest entries so far! You're all keeping me in stitches and making me hungry at the same time...I love this! (Still plenty of time to enter, so click on this post for details.)


Hege said...

The yarn could be a warm and lovely hat for Jackson :) Maybe a pair of socks for him too...
Have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Congrats! And wow - tearing it out immediately took a lot of fortitude!

Rebecca said...

You ARE creative and such a good blogger. I've been left behind in your creative knitting dust since we learned to knit together. No worries - it gives me hope for all knits still to be accomplished!

I give a vote of support for Mama Grouch. Excellent choice for a Creative Blogger Awardee!

GardenGoose said...

I'm having a little drawing over at my blog if you'd like to join in.
So sorry that your shawl project didn't work out..but it was very pretty yarn though and I'm sure you'll find something to create.
have a great day!

Jacqueline said...

Aw, trip to the frog pond huh? Well, I guess that yarn just has a different destiny, good luck finding out what it is!