Friday, August 10, 2007

love, friday

Whew! 'Been going so fast today that I almost forgot it was Friday. I'm not going to let my dear readers go one more week without love, friday and today...I've got a few things to love:

Love going biking with Jackson and hearing him exclaim "WHEEEEEE!" when we go down hills.

Love going through my yarn stash and purging the bits and baubles for "The Best Multi-Family Yard Sale Ever" tomorrow.

Love going hiking with Rebecca and Jackson, not today but last Friday. Love meandering through the trails with the two of them and watching as she helps Jackson learn about the natural world.

Love going out with girlfriends! Tonight!

love, friday


TinkingBell said...

Love stash and photos too - I love fridays - but yesterday it blew and rained and flooded!

Aunt Jenny said...

I would LOVE to go to that yard sale!!!

Laura said...

I want to go to that yard sale too!!!

Chris said...

Oh man, I would've loved to go to that yard sale!