Friday, August 24, 2007

love, friday

Love taking Jackson to see the dolphin show at the Minnesota Zoo. Love that he shouted "WA-WA!" very loudly in the split second of silence following the trainer's question: "What do you think dolphins eat?" (Of course, he wasn't answering the question but was instead just sharing news of what he saw, but his timing was impeccable and brought laughter.)

Love Elizabeth Zimmermann. Love her style, love her accent, love her knitting, love the PBS series "Knitting Workshop" that I just got from the library after waiting and waiting and waiting. Must.get.more.EZ.

Love frozen fruit treats from the Co-op. You know, those little fruit-juicy things in tubes that are usually neon colors and full of sugar? The Co-op has healthy ones and I'm addicted.

Love the lure of the MN State Fair and can't wait to go.

Love knitting on my boring - yet so soft! - gray alpaca.

Love summer afternoon naptimes for Jackson, when I get to rest and re-group to prepare for his next waking hours!

love, friday


Chris said...

Love the cooler weather. :)

ali said...

We love the zoo too (and just went back on Wednesday...)
Stopping by to let you know that you won my latest contest- I finally got back up and running after lightening took out our firewall... long story... anyway, Yay! You won!
If you'd be so kind as so send your particulars (mailing address)to ali AT skeinsherway DOTT com, I'll get my little package of goodies put together and out the door sometime in the next week.

Congrats, and happy knitting-