Thursday, August 23, 2007

Needle Report

Eat Your Veggies Vest for J-Man
Pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple, Children's Vest #256
Yarn: Claudia Hand Paints Worsted "Eat Your Veggies" colorway, <2 style="color: rgb(0, 102, 0);">Needles: US7 16" circs, US5 16" circs
Size: 2 (since I did not get gauge, I cast on for the size 8 in stitches but followed the size 2 for row height...luckily, it worked!)
Notes: Love it. Love the yarn, love the simple patterns from this company and love it on Jackson. Perfect for fall. (Still have to weave in ends and block...)
I've already started on the next sweater, but this one will be for me. "The Go-Everywhere, Go-With-Everything Sweater" from Stitch 'n Bitch in organic charcoal gray alpaca. Can I just say, yum? This yarn is so soft that I'm not even noticing how boring it is to knit Stockinette for an adult sized sweater on size 6 needles. Love it. (Photos later, it's way too boring to share so far.)

And the project lined up for after/in-between/when I get bored with the gray sweater and need a break is the "Malabrigo Capelet by Depth of Field" that my friend, Rebecca*, and I decided to knit together. Our very own KAL! We were both bowled over by the darling little capelet that we spied in the shop the other night so we bought the three different skeins of yarn it calls for and plan to split them up (it only needs 1.5 skeins total per capelet).

Talk about soft, Malabrigo is definitely butter so this will also be a fun knit. I know the colorways look a bit suspicious in this photo for a match, but trust me. The finished project pulled them all together beautifully, I can't wait to show you. (No photo of the capelet to share since it's a shop complimentary pattern...stay tuned!)
Lastly, the Badcaul socks are progressing nicely. Overall, it's an easy pattern to follow, though the cable round is a bit hairy on Knit Night. Good thing I've got a boring Stockinette project going!

I've been spending a bunch of time over on Ravelry getting my stash and projects uploaded and peeking around at what others are doing. Ravelry really is fun. If you're "in," come on over to my notebook page to say hi! (Ravelry handle = yogurtandgranola)

That's all for now, but I'll leave you with these photos from the cousin visit last weekend. The kids had so much fun together. It's hard to believe that they're all growing up so fast!
Tommy - 10 months, Gigi - 10 months, Jackson 19 months
* Rebecca's blog is nearing its end now that she's completely kicked breast cancer. She's teasing about keeping up with her "Science Friday" feature on the blog so go on over there and tell her that you love Science Friday! I know I do. :)


christina said...

oh the cousins are so cute. tommy and gigi not looking like they are having as much fun in the picture as jackson.

Chris said...

The vest is really cute! But not as cute as those cousins... Awww.

Laura said...

The vest looks great! I've been thinking about casting on for Badcaul actually...

Bright Meadow Farms said...

Love the vest... Veggies? Whoda thought?

Hege said...

The vest is great!
Have a great weekend :)