Thursday, August 30, 2007

y&g Contest Winners

I'm sneaking by posting this tonight so you all will have such a lovely good morning surprise! Well, the winners will, at least. (And it seems fitting, somehow, that a Good Morning yogurt & granola Contest should end with Good-Night, don't you think?)

Anyway, without further blabbering, I am pleased to announce the winner of said contest is Ann-Marie of Chicks with Sticks! The Random Number Generator is her friend tonight. May we all have her favorite breakfast in our future - croissants and raspberry jam!

(And do take a look at her bloggy...this girl spins! A-M, I sent you an email requesting your addy...please reply ASAP so I can pop your treasures in the mail!)

The little side contest I threw in out of pure desperation turned out to be very valuable! I received many wonderful recipes for homemade, nut-free granola and it was certainly difficult to choose. However, choose I did. Becca of Lostview Farm shared her family recipe for "Black Butte Granola." YUM. (I was about to post the recipe here, but I want to make sure that she's cool with that first, stay tuned. B-same on the addy, please! Check yer email.)

Becca's treasure is a surprise, but let's just say that it starts with an "M," ends with an "O," and has "ALABRIG" in the middle. :) (I seriously love me some granola...)

Okay! Thanks for playing along and thanks for reading my blog thingey! All of your entries were a delight to read and it was fun to de-lurk so many of you through breakfast foods! I have so many more blogs to visit it.

Up next: love, friday. Until then, Happy Thursday!


Becca said...

Catherine, I'm so honored! But really, all credit is due to the granola itself. I just pass on the instructions to make the wholesome goodness. :D Glad you love the recipe - let me know if you make any good modifications!

Turtle said...

Congrats ladies!

Kristina said...

Yay, winners! Yay, yogurt! Boo, wireless in Santa Fe--I never did get logged on to enter. :( I'll have to keep my eyes open for the next swap or contest...

And there are only, like, 1,483 people ahead of me at Ravelry! yay. ;)

Chris said...

Congrats, Becca and Ann-Marie!