Thursday, September 27, 2007

love, friday (thursday night edition)

Love then and love now.
[top photo: Jackson at 3 weeks old; bottom photo: Jackson at 20 months old (this week)]
Love pretend eating french fries with Jackson straight from the oven window with the light on because he's too hungry to wait for them to come out. Love that it was his idea, and that he reached out and "grabbed" one for me too. Love sitting on the floor together for "Oven TV."

Love our new ECFE class this fall. Love that it is a separating class and that Jackson is doing awesome with the separation. Love having tea with adults in a room with a regular-sized table for an hour with our parent educator while the kids are learning and playing with the other educators...far, far away down the hall...

Love having a candle at our dining room table that we light and say special words for every meal together now. Love that Jackson's starting to anticipate the candle and loves to blow it out at the end.

• Even with all of this love for my family, love that I am getting away for the weekend with six awesome knitting women to the family cabin on Lake Superior. It's just one night away, but we will have pie for breakfast and yarn for dessert.

love, friday
(thursday night edition since my friday "to-do" list is too long!)


Laura said...

I love reading your Love Fridays! Have a great weekend :)

Chris said...

Aw, you have such cute guys! Have a great weekend!

Gretchen said...

Oh my gosh- your husband has the exact same pajamas as my husband! Bizarro!

Great pics!

TinkingBell said...

I'd love to be getting away from home - just for a tiny bit -after the Princess is well and everyone's happy - Love your Fridays!

stickchick said...

Jackson is getting soo big!! I knew that, but seeing the pictures, WOW!

I love "oven TV" too, especially when baking bread or cakes. The kids think I'm kinda nutty (er, cause I guess I am).

OH, and I didn't mention earlier about your sock! It looks great! I just bought that book and now need to make ANOTHER thing. Too many socks, not enough hands to knit!

Rob & Maria said...

So sweet! Love you guys!