Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mush Mail

Mail is a wonderful thing. After our long weekend away, I came home to a package that mushed its way all the way from Alaska:
My Farmgirl friend, Jo, sent me the DVD "Being Caribou" after we chatted briefly about "Grizzly Man" - a documentary about a crazy man who tried to live with the grizzlies in Alaska but ended up dying with them (and by them) instead. Jo concurred that he was crazy and thought I would like this documentary about a couple (environmentalist/wildlife biologist) who [travel across 1,500 kilometers of rugged Alaska tundra following a herd of 120,000 caribou]. I honestly cannot wait to watch it, but since Dan's been working late nights at home this week and really wants to see it too...I've been patient. (But if he can't watch it with me by Friday night, I'm going solo!)

Jo's so great and so sweet that she included an 8x10 glossy photo of a mama bear and cub for Jackson. He loves it! "BEAAAH!" he exclaims when he sees it. I'm going to have to hang it up by his little bookshelf. His first poster!

And the sweetness continued with the yarn. Yarn that was "in the stash for too long" and needed a new home. Mostly 100% alpaca, with some mohair/wool blended into one, these skeins are calling out to me that they want to become colorwork mittens. It must be that "Latvian Mittens" book from the library getting to me. So soft and I LOVE the colors!

Jo, thank you so much for this fun package! You're too dear. Someday, I'm coming to Alaska to meet you. Really, I am. :)

Then yesterday I received my last package from Crafter's Choice (they don't know that, but I've fulfilled my commitment and I'm outta there!):
Fresh off the presses, Scottish Highland Knits was just released this month. I've only just flipped through it so far, but I can't wait to really have a good session with it over a cup of tea soon. Beautiful designs that make me want to hop a plane to Scotland to knit on the Moors!
P.S. Jo's more than just sweet, she's amazing. I just learned that she's taking her nursing skills with her to Peru via Interplast to help those in need...amazing.

P.P.S. That card with the crazy, weirdo black crow walking hunched over with big boots and a rain coat? I've received it THREE TIMES in my life. THREE. Once from my best friend Eden, once from my husband Dan and now from Jo. Is there a message I'm supposed to be getting from this "rare bird" crow, as Dan calls it (and himself)? I do dig him...the crow, I mean.


christina said...

timothy treadwell was totally insane. spirit come back here with that hat! SPIRIT!!!!!!

Chris said...

That's kind of eerie about the card! What a wonderful gift from Jo.

Purple Purl Girl said...

I loved Grizzley Man and he WAS crazy! Can I borrow Being Caribou when you're ready to loan it? I love nature documentaries. If you haven't already seen The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. it is a must see and I can loan it to you.