Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Woolly Mail

Lookee what the mailman brought to my house today!
This is the wool from this post and this post that Rebecca and I finally decided to send away for cleaning and carding. It came back all pretty and soft and ready to be spun...
Now I guess I better get back on that spinning thing, huh?

We sent it off to Carothers Country Farm in Minnesota City, MN and were completely happy with the service. Excellent communication, fantastic prices (just over $30 for an entire sheep!!), and expert craftsmanship. I highly recommend them!


christina said...

seems like $30 well spent! are you planning on dyeing it? will it take you forever to spin that into yarn?

also went back to the NE yarn store yesterday and showed them the baby hat that plagued me. figured out a couple things i did wrong, but still, the pattern was awful. the owner is going to do the pattern herself to see what will happen and will get back to me.

Kimara said...

It looks so soft! I definitely think it was money well spent. It looks like undyed it will be a beautiful heather color, right?
Missed you last night. Hope your arm is not too sore today!

Chris said...

Wow, that looks like it should keep you out of trouble for a long, long time.

Laura said...

Definitely $30 well spent. It looks great! Have fun spinning it!