Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lostview Farm Needs YOU!

My friend Becca lives on a 37 acre plot of land in Wisconsin with her husband, son, sister, brother-in-law and nephew + a few horses, some cats and soon they will have chickens too. Their little piece of heaven is called Lostview Farm. They lead an amazing life as they strive to build a different kind of community, live sustainably on their land and "get off the grid." We visited them last month and witnessed this dream firsthand...they're doing great.
[left to right: Becca + Chris, Charis + Jay; not pictured: kidlet cousins Ellis + Owain]

But even though their old farmhouse has been remodeled and updated, it's still small and proving to be a tight fit for the family foursome plus kids. They have a new remodeling project in the wings that would give them more space and they want to try to do it in typical Lostview Farm fashion: as green as possible, as thoughtfully as possible, on their own with their own eight hands.

In order to not completely break the bank, they're looking for outside help and have found a fantastic opportunity at They've entered a contest that could earn them $5,000 towards their project and all they need to win is votes. Please consider clicking on the link below to vote for the Lostview Farm project! You need to register on the site to vote (to keep it honest) but that takes about one second and is painless. My Lostview friends are already in third place...THIRD PLACE! Let's help bump them up to first so they can realize their dream!

(Read all about their plans here and here and here.)

(Thank you, for your support.) :)


Chris said...

Good luck to them!

Becca said...

I am sitting here with my jaw agape, in awe of the fabulous support we're receiving from friends and friends of friends far and near. This project and contest have hardly begun and yet we're already being showered with encouragement and love. Thanks, Catherine, and thanks everyone for your votes of support!
Becca (of Lostview Farm)

Kristina said...

I've cast my vote for Lostview! Best wishes for their success!