Friday, November 09, 2007

love, friday

Love all of the support for my Lostview Farm friends in their quest to win a cash prize to help with their farmhouse remodeling project! Love that they have been bumped into FIRST PLACE with 102 votes! Love that voting is open until November 30th and you can still vote if you haven't already! (Let's make sure that they STAY in first place!!!)

Love the big boy bed. Love that Jackson loves it so much. (Ask us at 3am if we still love the big boy far, so good but it's only 8:40pm! J-Man refused to sleep in his crib since the big hotel trip last weekend, so I guess it's time for transition.)
Love that even though Jackson only eats from the bread and dairy food groups as a rule (toddler rule), he ventured out a bit in his dining tonight and had tomato-basil soup from Turtle Bread with grilled cheese (see? bread and dairy...). Love that he loved dipping his sandwich in the soup and got it. (Don't love that he continued to completely ignore the "green things" on his plate. One can hope...)
Love finally starting on the pair of mittens for myself that I've been meaning to knit for two years. They are replacing my favorite pair that I lost but that went with my favorite hat. I still love the hat so I must re-knit the mittens. (Hoping to have them done by the end of the weekend, wish me luck!)

love, friday (seriously love friday this week!!!)


Chris said...

Good luck on the mittens! Definitely time to break out the warm stuff.

Wow. That's some high coverage soup eating there!

Hege said...

I've given you the "you make me smile" award :)

Can't wait to see your mittens!
Have a great weekend!

TinkingBell said...

Ah yes -the bread dairy rule (often also extends to fruit - at least in this house - and the other toddler food groups - mashed potato, rice, pasta, roast potato and french fries - aah me) Although recently my 3 year old has been on a broccoli jag - eats EVERYONES broccoli - and likes corn - there is hope!