Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back on the Wagon?

I knit a few rounds on the second Badcaul sock tonight. Just a few. Wanted to see what it felt like to hold my needles and yarn again. It must be the influence of this needle gauge necklace that Dan gave me for my birthday. Always the frugal-minded partner of the household, he must be scheming for ways to get me to knit again so that my stash will not have been purchased in vain. Either that, or he's really sick of me reading "really good books!" and shoving them down his throat for him to read next.

Oh, and here's that view out of the window that I promised from the last post. Winter Ice Wonderland.
Thank you for all of the lovely birthday wishes!!!


ruthsplace said...

Glad you are knitting again. Can I say that is an awesome necklace!! I love your little baby countdown button too, very cool.

Happy knitting, Ruth

Chris said...

That is a really cool necklace!

Laura said...

That's a neat necklace! Yes, I've been blogging in secret for months. I like the pregnancy ticker too, I've been keeping a calendar counting down to the due date, but this makes it a lot easier. 27 weeks and counting!

christina said...

that necklace is great. i liked if even before i read that it was a knitting gauge and then liked it even more.

not going to lie, that baby swirling around on the side bar totally creeped me out at first. after a few turns though i now find it soothing. so will it grow in the sidebar or does it just do a countdown?

Bim said...

A necklace like that would be every knitters best friend ;) I just want one!!! need it ;)
Hugs from Sweden - Bim

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