Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Conversation with Jackson

Conversation with Jackson over dinner tonight (while Mommy + Daddy were discussing the grocery list):

Dad: Do we need to get cottage cheese?

Jackson: Cottcheez?! Cottcheez? I want cottcheez! (his most very favorite food)

Mom: We're all out of cottage cheese, honey. You can go with Daddy to the Co-op to get some more after dinner and then we can have some for lunch tomorrow.

Jackson: See Baba?

Mom: No, Grama is at home.

Jackson: I want cottcheez.

Mom: You and Daddy can go get some more cottage cheese tonight. We're all out.

Jackson: See Baba?

Mom: No, Grampa is at home too. (Grama + Grampa seem to have the same name from Jackson for now...)

Jackson (after thinking for a minute; shaking head): No see Baba. Go co op. Git cottcheez. (resumes eating)

Mom and Dad pick up jaws off floor. When did this happen?
The photo is from Christmas morning when he stole his Mommy's toast before presents. Watch out for that morning bed head of's wild! The photo was taken with my new digital camera that was a Christmas present from Dan. I was a little, er, upset with him for getting me such a *nice* gift when we weren't supposed to do that much for each other. But, yeah...I got over that. The camera rocks.

So since I have a new camera that isn't 3.5 years old* and slower than molasses, stay tuned for more photos of Jackson's Christmas of "planes, trains, automobiles and baby dolls." And actual knitting content photos. I whipped up a quick camera case yesterday and it felt good. Yes, I am still a Knitter.

I have to get off the computer now since Dan's chomping at the bit to play with his new Christmas toy: ::::NANO:::: Merry Christmas, my Podcast Junkie.
If you just can't wait and *have* to see more Jackson photos right now, then pay a visit to my aunt's blog. Jackson's second cousin, Maggie, was keen on hugging him on Christmas Eve. He was not so keen on it...
*I still think it sucks that small electronics are not made to last more than 3-4 years these days. My old film camera that I bought in high school STILL works. Yet these new digis are designed to die on us in just a few years...I love the new camera, but it still totally bites that they're so "disposable."


Ruth said...

Must be exciting to have Jackson speaking so much. That bed hair is adorable!

Chris said...

Wow - those kids, they're sneaky about milestones sometimes, aren't they?!

Congrats on the new camera! Knock on wood - my 2 year old Olympus digital (8 megapixel) is still going strong.