Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Times with Good Friends

My good friends, Sarah and Monica, came over today for a long-awaited reunion of sorts - and introductions. We have been friends since 2002, when we met on the Minneapolis Community Ed. trip to Glacier National Park in Montana*. The three of us were fast friends on that trip, even though we signed up independently. Oh! We had such fun on the trails together! (Remember that incredible afternoon at Lake McDonald, Sarah + Monica?)
[a photo of the three of us at Swift Current in Glacier NP - hiking girlfriends ready to hit the trail; the necklace that Sarah brought to me from Santa Cruz is pictured too, it's made from seeds and seed pods]

Our friendship kept up over the years, even though time and distance have kept us apart at times. Today was a "long-awaited reunion" for all of us because Sarah has been out of the country volunteering for the Peace Corps in Bolivia for the past two years. It was just like old times again to have the three of us together. Well, not exactly. The "introductions" included introducing Sarah to the two new boys who were born while she was away (Jackson and Monica's son, Oro Echo). Our visit included much catching up, a lot of talk of what the future holds for all of us, and...a lot of kid-wrangling. We lunched together**, sipped sparkling cranberry juice in wine glasses together, toasted together and ate chocolate together.
[Oro, a smiling happy 6-month old boy!]

But then our time was over and we had to say our goodbyes. Monica and I vowed to get together more often since we only live on opposite sides of the city from each and are both home with our kids (how could we have not put this together sooner?!). But Sarah is off to D.C. where she will start to sort out her post-Peace Corps life and settle into a job. I'm thrilled that she's back in the States - since I know that two whole years don't have to go by before seeing her again! - but it was sad to see her go, nonetheless. (There's so much more to talk about! I want to go hiking together again! What about walks around Lake Nokomis together?!)

I don't know when we'll all be together again, but today was so fun - it definitely filled us up for awhile.
[Sarah, Monica + Oro, me, Jackson (wearing Oro's cool beaded necklace/toy]
*For those of you keeping track, this is also the trip where I met my husband, Dan. Can you believe it? I met three awesome people in my life on one trip, where I didn't know anyone at first. That trip was amazing, for more than just the scenery.

**I have found my new favorite egg-salad sandwich and I'm not the only one who calls it a favorite. It's "Martha's Favorite Egg-Salad Sandwich" and I HIGHLY recommend that you give this one a try. It's got more egg whites than yolks to make it healthier AND it has avocado. Totally yum.

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Chris said...

Wow, talk about one event completely changing the course of your life!