Friday, December 28, 2007

love, friday

Love that Jackson loves his train set that he got for Christmas. It was impossible to get his attention for a "face shot" once he saw the "choo choo!" when we came downstairs. He was all over this toy and still wakes up every morning telling me he wants to "go downstar, pay choo choo" before his eyes are even open. (That's his baby doll bed in the photo too. He doesn't really care about the bed yet, but is digging the new cloth doll and sleeps with it every night.)
Love that Jackson loves his assortment of musical instruments that he also got for Christmas. He's holding up his tambourine and egg shaker here. The next photo is him with the sliding flute. Love that since he can't quite figure out how to blow into the flute yet, he makes his own humming sound when he plays it, then giggles like crazy.
Love my new digital camera case that I whipped up on Christmas day from some leftover Malabrigo. (The old camera is modeling the case for me here, so it's a bit bulkier than it actually appears with the new one.)
• For some strange reason, love this new scarf project that I just started today from this crazy Suss Candy yarn that I found in Chicago on clearance last spring. I normally abhor novelty yarns, but I tend to like Suss yarns and I definitely love browns and purples together. When I saw this yarn on clearance, well, I think it was a rescue mission more than anything. I don't think I ever thought I'd actually do anything with it. But I like it! It's mohair and something silky and is actually kind neat. And on size US13 needles with only 15 stitches across in garter, this scarf can't take long, can it?
Love that I have a typical Friday night date with my boys tonight. Dinner and some shopping.

Love that today is officially the 12-week mark in this pregnancy. Depending on who you talk to, we're either out of the first trimester now, or only have two weeks left to go. Love being able to leave the nervous first trimester behind and get on with the fun second trimester.

love, friday


Chris said...

Aw, I love the "humming flute" story! Cute camera case. Hope you're having fun tonight!

Laura said...

Aww, very cute!

Heide said...

Even novelty yarns serve a purpose... it's just when they're overused or misused that they become unbearable. Jackson is so cute with all of his presents. Enjoy your weekend.

Hege said...

He is so cute your little man :)

Enjoy your pregnancy!

Grama said...

Love that your friday night date turned into a date with your husband creating Grama time for me!
Love, Mom aka Grama

LaVerna said...

Love that you got your knitting mojo back!