Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Addendum to Crap.

I should tell you all what Jackson did directly after breaking my glasses. He brought them to me (one piece in each hand, of course) and said "Uh-oh, Mommy." He then burst in to tears.

Now, the tears could have meant one of four things, as far as Dan and I could tell:

1. "Oh no, I broke my new 'toy!'"

2. "Oh no, you're going to get mad at me..."

3. "I'm sorry, I feel really bad about breaking your glasses, dear Mother."

4. ("Crap! maybe if I cry a lot, she'll feel bad for me and forget about the glasses?")

What's a mother to do? Does anyone have any coupons or leads on the best/cheapest glasses shop? Luckily, these are not full-time glasses for me, but I imagine it'll be my Saturday afternoon outing anyway. Good thing I have a sock to knit on while I wait.


allergicmom said...

You won't get them in a hurry, but check out this site for super-cheap glasses:

Each of my sons has broken a pair of eyeglasses for me. I'm done with expensive glasses until they're old enough to know better!

Heide said...

America's Best is where we buy my daughter's glasses. You can get two pair for as low as $69.00 and damage insurance isn't very expensive either. My middle daughter has worn glasses since she was two and toddlers are even harder on their own glasses than they are on mom's! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I got great ones from Zenni Optical. For some reason, their site is down today.

When my back up glasses broke, I ordered a pair from them. I got them in less than 2 weeks. The frames I ordered were some of the $8 ones. I sprung for the antireflective coating and the thinnest lenses out there, and my total, wiht shipping was $54.

Yesterday I got my good glasses back from River Lake Eye Clinic (they replaced the frames for me). I realized I like my cheepies from Zenni Optical better.

If you don't get the anti reflective, or the thin lenses, you can really get glasses for about $12, including shipping.

Also see this site

Janel (from knitting)