Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Open Letter to Our Neighborhood Thugs

Dear Neighborhood Thugs:

Just this week two things have happened right in our front yard that have caused us much grief: our son's sled was stolen from our front door step and his snowman that he built with his Dad this weekend was tipped over. Do you know anything about these two unfortunate incidents? Perhaps you could shed some light on the matter for us, and give us some insight into why these activities -- ruining good old winter fun -- are enjoyable to some members of our society.

Tipping over a snowman? What, if our home were actually a farm with a cow grazing in front would you tip her over too?

Stealing a toddler's sled? Are you kidding? Are you aware of how many times our son has asked after his sled since we discovered it was gone? Maybe you should come over here and try to explain to the 2-year old that it was stolen and he'll never see it again.

We're not even going to mention the incredibly frustrating acts of bad-neighborlyness happening behind our house, like the garbage bags full of meat and animal bones that continually appear in our smaller-than-average-sized garbage can, or the cars that regularly park in front of our driveway. No, this time we're focusing on the front yard, winter fun and our kid.

Dude(s), you've hurt our kid. That's not cool. We're pissed. We can't threaten a "don't do this shit again or else" sort of thing, because, we don't know who you are. But if we see you in the act of defiling our yard or stealing our son's toys again...well, it won't just be an open letter now, will it?

Despite your thuggery, we refuse to stop having fun. We will slide down hills with pizza boxes if we have to and keep building more snowmen each time it snows. Just like the Grinch who tried to steal Christmas but it happened anyway, you can't stop us from living a rich and full life in our city, complete with Norman Rockwell scenes outside and hot chocolate inside.

And I guess it's a damn good thing that not only are we neighbors who will remain positive and vigilant, but we are also residents who volunteer on the neighborhood board and stay active in our community. We will work to build the neighborhood we want: a safe neighborhood.

Dude(s). Stop. Thugs are out. A strong neighborhood is in.


Your neighbors


Ruth said...

Oh man, that really sucks, sorry you are having such a hard time with the louts in your neighbourhood.

Chris said...


April said...

Unfortunately, I know exactly what you are going through. Last fall someone smashed Andrew's pumpkin (which was sitting up, away from the sidewalk, behind our pine tree) a week before Halloween. Andrew was in tears that his pumpkin - that he had picked out - was broken. He still talks about the time we came home from the Children's Museum and his pumpkin was broken. This year we had our scarecrow stolen (also up near our house in front) and Nick's jacket stolen. The jacket was dropped on the boulevard right next to our car and I didn't have a chance to get to run out and grab it right away. When I did it was gone. I made the jacket for Andrew when he was Nick's size. I am so tired of it. These haven't been the only things that have happened either, just the ones that impacted the kids. This is the biggest factor in us wanting to move.

Heide said...

That bites. I sometimes wonder about people.