Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fashion According to Jackson

Jackson has been making his 2-year-old fashion sense very clear for a few weeks now. The main tenets of his fashion plan are:

1. No red allowed. Period. None. No red.

2. No jeans or cords allowed. Only comfy PJ pants or long underwear.

Well, you can imagine that this makes it a little hard on the resident laundress since there are only so many pairs of comfy PJ pants and eventually we're going to get down to the few red shirts that he has. Today was one of those days, so we compromised. Here's how our morning conversation went:

(after slipping the red shirt over his head while attempting to distract him with talk of the falling snow outside...)

Jackson: "No! No red shirt!"

Mom: "You don't like your red shirt?"

Jackson: "No! No red shirt!"

Mom: "But you don't have any other clean shirts to wear."

Jackson: "NO! No red shirt!!"

Mom: "How about we put your blue vest on over your red shirt when we get downstairs?"

Jackson: (after thinking this through for a minute) "Blue vest make red shirt go bye-bye?"

Mom: "Yes."

Jackson: "Jackson wear cowboy hat too? And big mittens?"

Mom: (laughing) "Yes."

So here's where we ended up today:
He also had to wear the cowboy hat and oven mitts ("big mittens") to bed last night which made it almost impossible to be stern with him when telling him to get back in bed for the millionth time since the entire ensemble with the foot-less sleeper (he made it clear months ago that he will NOT wear a sleeper with feet, they must be cut off) is downright hysterical.

Elmo is also the best friend of choice right now and comes everywhere with us. I'm still not sure how this happened since he's never watched Sesame Street and we have no TV, but it's sweet. After a minor stumble yesterday that normally would have required a kiss from Mommy to make it all better, he told me "No Mommy kiss. Elmo kiss. Elmo love Jackson."
Well okay then. I'm being replaced by a red monster with a squeaky voice and know nothing about fashion. I thought this wasn't supposed to start until the teenage years?!


Ruth said...

He is hilarious, and adorable. I made my husband come and read this post - told him we had something to look forward to...

Chris said...

Too funny! Hmm, red shirt no good, red Elmo good...

TinkingBell said...

It OK - My now 5 year old daughter has been picking her own clothes for a few years now - we went through the everything striped (often in markedly different colours and different directions,) everything pink, everthing frilly - except the tracksuit bottoms and gumboots she wore with the party dress and the skirt/dress/trousers/top/jumper/cardigan all at once phase. Seems to have settled down now though!

Rob Mandle said...

Jackson is such his father's son! It reminds me of two funny stories.

1) Dan picking up a random (obviously female) jean jacket after a party and wearing it home
2) Refusing to exit a pool for an entire party, but then making a rule that if he carried a cup of pool water with his finger in it he was still technically in the pool.


Rob & Maria said...

I can't wait to experience this in person! I went through a hot pink phase and according to my Mom announced at a very early age that I would be living in a pink house on a pink street some day! Jackson is certainly a guy who know's his own mind! Hmm...wonder where that could have possibly come from given his family! :)

Becca said...

Wow, does Jackson look like such a big boy in this last photo. Despite how frustrating this phase might be at times, I love his creativity and ideas, thought process and determination. What a gift you have in that boy!

And Rob (Mandle), I don't know you, and I know Dan very little, but your story of Dan and the cup of pool water totally made my day. Brilliant.

Lisa Anne said...

The oven mitts are too funny, when Amelia was that age someone gave her a pair of turquoise "little mermaid" underwear that she felt were completely wasted under her clothing, so she wore them on her head with pig tails hanging out of each leg hole and always, she had on special blue rubber boots with stars on them.
They out grow it, take lots of pictures, blackmail him when he grows up!

Kate said...

With my fist child, I took pride in her cute clothes, down to the matchy hair bands, socks and sometimes forward 12 years...My kids dress themselves, I just have to pick my only rules.
~1 Clothes are clean
~2 Clothes are appropriate for the weather...
~3 Clothes are modest, that means my 5 year old can't wear the baby's dress..yes we've been thru this!
So cute!
Love and light to you

Sarah said...