Tuesday, March 11, 2008

love, tuesday (special spring weather edition)

first spring walk of the year
("spring" defined as shedding winter coat and wearing rain boots for melting snow puddles)
boots and pants before the walk:
during the walk:
boots and pants after the walk:
(so very, very wet since he made running leaps at each and every puddle on our walk and screamed with glee when it splashed all around him)

(please excuse the blurry cell phone shot...the boy was jumping up and down)

love, tuesday


GardenGoose said...

pure boy! LOL he's so adorable in his jacket and cap. hope you are doing well through the pregnancy.
take care.
have a great week.

Ruth said...

He looks like he's having an absolute blast!

Becca said...

Did he carry that pink block with him for the entire walk? :D We are all about the puddles at our house too...what a great change from ice and cold!

Rob & Maria said...

I too love splashing in puddles! Can't to see you guys in a little over a week!

Chris said...

Too cute!

Dawn said...

I just came over from Lisa's blog, Harmony Valley, for the first time. Your little guy is so cute and I love the puddle jumping post. I'll be sure to come back.

Hege said...

He's so cute!
we finally can "smell" the spring here too.
Just waiting for the kids to get real well before taking them out. Don't want a new round of fever and coughing...

LaVerna said...

He looks so happy!Boys and water.Magnetically drawn to each other I think.
I love his green hat!

Lisa Anne said...

Hooray for puddles and snow melting and jumping boys!

I have something for you at my blog.
(my email: mahayanafarm at yahoo_dot_com)
Hope all is well with Baby Amelia, we are still going back and forth what we are going to make her, I better start soon because once farming season starts-forget about it!