Monday, March 24, 2008

Springtime Winter Wonderland Hike

It may technically be spring, but the weather is not officially cooperating yet. We're not surprised, as March is typically the snowiest month in Minnesota, but it's a little disheartening to wake up to three days in a row of a winter wonderland when all you want to do is shed your coat and go for a walk.

So, we decided to make lemonade out of lemons when Dan's brother and sister-in-law visited this past weekend and go for a walk anyway (with our coats, of course).

Wood Lake Nature Center
Aunt Maria, Uncle Rob + Jackson, hiking through the springtime winter wonderland (with snowball in hand).
Out on the boardwalk over the (still icy) lake. It was a bright and hazy day, due to all of the snow still falling. Jackson called the sun a "Baby Sun" since it was partially covered in clouds and said that "it bites." It took us all a few minutes to figure out that he meant that it was hurting his eyes to look at it!
A Hand-Knit Family - we were all wearing sweaters knit by yours truly, even though we still had to cover them up with our coats. Maybe this week we can finally start shedding a few layers. Think spring!


Ruth said...

Love the snow pictures! You are looking well.

Heide said...

Snow? But it's spring. Come on spring weather (sending warmer weather vibes your way). All four of you look fabulous.

Aunt Jenny said...

I am loving that SOMEONE has more snow than us still. just kidding!
Loved the pictures...and the Easter ones too..cute cute cute!

Rob & Maria said...

Love this post. It was so wonderful visiting you guys and I can't wait to meet Baby Amelia!