Saturday, April 19, 2008

FO Report: Amelia's Dedication Sweater

Amelia's "Angel" Dedication Sweater
Started: 4/12/08
Finished: 4/19/08
Yarn: Fotrama 2/4 100% Alpaca, Bolivian, a gift from Sarah
Pattern: Oat Couture "Angel Sweater"
Needles: US10, US8, US7, US6, US5
Gauge: I have no idea
Size: 6-months


1. When I started the sweater last Saturday night, I was a bit...tired. Not a good time to start a lace pattern, however easy. I did the first row of the feather-and-fan pattern without realizing that the "k2tog 3x, yok1 6x" should probably be coupled with another set of "k2tog 3x." My problem? The price tag was covering that part of the plastic protective sheet of the pattern. Grr. Total user-error (#1). [Moral: Don't start lace on a Saturday night.]

2. When I backed up on that row and re-started, I counted part-way through to confirm that I had the 134 stitches on the needle that were called for. I counted 131 three times and angrily tugged the whole thing off to start over (cast-on, + three rows of garter stitch and all...). I figured out on my second time through this part that I HAD 134 stitches total before ripping out, but hadn't completed the pattern repeat before counting mid-row. Grr. User-error #2. [Moral: Don't start lace on a Saturday night.]
3. There was a user-error #3, but I can't remember it now. That must be because, for the most part, this sweater went swimmingly and I'm so pleased with the outcome that it doesn't matter.

4. "k4tog" sucks. Enough said.

5. You really do use all of the needle sizes to create the shaping in this sweater. I was a bit surprised when reading the pattern too. But you cast-on with the US10 then immediately switch to the US7 to avoid excessive curling on the scalloped edge. Then the shaping of the sweater is done by decreasing needle sizes while maintaining the pattern. I'm not sure that I blocked the sweater to show off the subtle flirtiness that is supposed to be in the skirt with this shaping, but it's there. All in all, a very easy and appealing pattern.
Thank you again to Sarah for the beautiful yarn! I can't wait to dress my little girl in this sweater on her big day later this year.


sprite said...

It's beautiful!!!

And I love your choice of buttons.

Great job!

Aunt Jenny said...

It turned out just lovely Catherine!!! And wow..what speed!!!
She will look adorable in it!!
I am so impressed!

Clare said...

It's just beautiful, Catherine. Lovely.

Chris said...

It is lovely! Plus I've just learned the importance of not starting lace on a Saturday night. Seems like priceless advice. :)

Gretchen said...

Just gorgeous!

LaVerna said...

Awww.How sweet.I miss having little girls.I will just have to love vicariously through you.My baby girl just turned 12.
Love the sweater.

Hege said...

It's adorable!

Ruth said...

It's adorable!

ginny said...

Kate, the buttons are so cutie!!! I can't wait to see her in it:)

sellgen said...

So beautiful! Can't wait to see
Amelia in it!!!