Thursday, April 03, 2008

On Pink...

I love pink. Really, I do.

Pink can be classy. Pink can be natural. Pink can be beautiful. I've owned many pink items over my lifetime, and not just when I was a little girl begging for the pinkiest-pink-pink Easter dress, either. (My pink Keds from 7th grade come to mind...I loved those shoes...)

What I don't like is the "plastic pink." The super-duper-Barbie gag-me-with-a-spoon pink. I know that there may be no way of avoiding this ultimate fate of parenting a daughter in today's world, but I'm going to hold out a little hope.

I think this must all stem from my constant desire to be contrary. (Sometimes good, sometimes irritating, I know.) My sister LOVES pink. She is the epitome of pink. If she could tan her skin to be pink, she would. All shades, all the time, there can never be too much pink.

To her credit though, she did save us from an awful fate of pea-green carpet in our bedroom when I was just a wee babe. The story goes that our parents were about to buy said green carpet when my 5-year-old sister suddenly said "STOP!" and begged for a hot-hot-hot shade of pink instead. (Since we had a very typical 70s floral print wallpaper, either green or pink would match.) So...I grew up surrounded by hot pink carpet, light pink bedspreads and a pink-pink-pink older sister (who also loved Michael Jackson in a major way and eventually wallpapered our room in him, but I digress...).

Will Amelia wear pink? Most certainly! We've already received some hand-me-down clothes from friends that are far too adorable in their pinkiness to hide in the basement. I'm just hoping for some know? I'm fully aware that it is this desire for balance that will throw my daughter over the edge and make her follow in her aunt's footsteps - just to be contrary, like her mother - but I'm hoping that won't be for awhile.

Until age 2, maybe. Like when Jackson started having his weirdo fashion opinions.

Oh, the photos of the soaps? Jackson's new love. Whenever we go to the Co-op now, he MUST buy a soap. The same kind every time: coconut. He carries them around, takes them through the check-out on his own, cherishes them at home, takes them on walks, sleeps with them... I just noticed that there were so many soaps around our house this morning and couldn't resist photographing them for you all (this is only a few, there are many more). We joke that we are going to save them all in a big box to be presented to him upon high school graduation: "Go forth into the world and be clean! You're the one who bought all this soap!" We also call it our "$2 Co-op Tax" since we can't get out of the store without purchasing another.

Open the soap? Use the soap, you say? What a great idea! Try talking our 2-year-old into taking the plastic off of one of these soaps and getting it wet...I dare you.


Heide said...

My youngest daughter loves pink. It looks like a bottle of Pepto-Bismol exploded in her bedroom. But she's seven and it's okay. I used to detest Barbie until the Bratz dolls came along. Now Barbie is looking mighty respectable with all of her career choices. So far the only job open for Bratz dolls is ho bag. Ooops, did I say that? Sorry. The soap is wonderful. Maybe you can stash away a bar of it for posterity. Hugs to you and Jackson and belly rubs to Amelia.

Anonymous said...

Reading through your blog, not tying what the pictures had to do with pink. (Not figuring out what those little oblong objects in each picture were either.) Get to the end of the story and must say, I loved your story!! It is these type of things one remembers and cherishes as your child grows up. My 20 year old son, use to present me with little handfuls of pebbles on our outings. This memory stills brings a smile to my face after all the years. I am sure these bars of soap will do the same for you.

-Diane S

Michele said...

yes, good story, not sure how to defend myself or if it's even necessary? surprisingly not all of Gigi's hand me downs will be pink, so that is good. I see Amelia in lots of shades of purple. For those of you who don't know that is her mother's fave color...
For the record, am proud of my love of pink and happy to hear the admission of contrarianism finally! :)

Ruth said...

I was determined to avoid an overload of pink - I think I'm succeeding, but pink just suits my little one so well...

Love the soaps!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm I was going to make a comment similar to missy's...I remember the room, the pink, the michael jackson of it all, and also how you and I "rebelled" and proclaimed purple as cooler than pink.

Kristina said...

I laughed out loud reading about your soap collection.
And I'm with you on the pink. I used to horrify my mother by coming home from summer vacations with my aunt and grandmother (who knit and sew) wearing clothes in colors I had chosen: brown, olive, khaki, orange, red. Oh, how she HATED them.
I found a delightful, pale, pale pink to use when my friend asked for a knit dress for her little girl. I've also knit a jumper in hot, HOT pink and neon green for an older girl. Other than that, my boycott remains firm.

Gretchen said...

I love the soap story- or is it an opera? Too cute!

Out of three girls, I only have one that loves pink right now. Oldest grew out of it, but still has the pink bedroom she chose at age 3. Pink is alright around here- the one that loves it has a twin that loves purple- very complementary!

Chris said...

Not taking that dare, no sirree.

TinkingBell said...

Oh I managed to avoid pink until she was old enough to have her own opinions on the matter - then it was a pink explosion - still managed to avoind the awful Barbie Pink! But suddenly - last week her favourite colopur was yellow and yesterday she chose black shiny ninja turtle gumboots!!! Not pink! A pair we can pass on to her brother!! (I'm still celebrating!

Sarah said...

These soaps are very funny.
I think this is my favorite
Jack-ism to-date!
Glad you like the yarn! I think its a great color, too, esp.
for a little girl!
P.S. Next time I'll sneak in a present for Jackson!