Sunday, April 06, 2008

love, friday (Sunday night edition)

Love Battlestar Galactica and love that Season 4 started on Friday night. Yes, it's weird that we are addicted to a TV show but remain TV-less (love Hulu!). And yes, it's weird that we huddled together in a conference room at Dan's workplace with a bunch of other dorks - I mean, BSG fans - and a big-screen TV for the premier on a perfectly good Friday night when we had a babysitter. (Dan cut off my head but you can see my baby belly and feet up on the table way off to the right.)
Love that we are so dorky that we made a cake for the occasion and weren't embarrassed to take it on the train downtown on said Friday night. (If you are a BSG fan, you know what this is.)
• Didn't love waking up at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning to a sick little boy (sick as in, requiring much laundry all day, if you know what I mean...) but did appreciate the order from the universe to slow down for the day. We slept at odd times, washed every article of fabric in our home (it seemed like) and read a lot of books.

Loved that Jackson pulled out of his sickness very quickly and was ready to practice riding his new bike in the living room Saturday night. Didn't love that it rained all day on Sunday and we had a very sad little boy on our hands... (Official "first ride on the sidewalk" photos promised soon...let's just say that he aged quite a bit when he got on this bike...)

Love that Jackson loves his bike helmet so much this year that he insists on wearing it...a lot. (It's almost impossible to believe that this photo is truly him, since we could barely get the helmet on him last year for bike-trailer rides...) He's got a new thing for balloons fun!
Love that Jackson is finally starting to look like his Dad (at least, I think he does in this photo...).
Love this broadcast from "Speaking of Faith," a public radio show that I normally don't like much, but caught today while skipping church (the boys went and I stayed home to bake another cake...we had cake on the brain all weekend!).

Love Sunday night. Love listening to a boy squealing with glee in the bath upstairs, the dishwasher running, the laundry going (again...), and knowing that the basement is finally clean again after our 90-minute quick-clean session down there today while the Boy slept. Love knitting on the couch and preparing to re-watch Battlestar Galactica with Dan over a bowl of ice cream tonight. Love going to bed after a full weekend, to say the least.

love, friday (Sunday night edition)


Chris said...

Oh, too bad you all mostly missed Saturday. :( But I'm glad Jackson is feeling so much better!

Lisa Anne said...

Love the post about your son's obsession with coconut soap how funny! I loved Battlestar galactica when I was a kid, I mean really loved it! I didn't know there was a new one, when is it on? Is it a cable show? We have a TV but its in the closet except on Sunday nights when we watch Masterpiece Theatre.

Yes, avoid the "pink washing" of all those girly toys! My Amelia never had Barbie's, someone gave her some when she was six and thought they were disgusting, yea!
She once went into a Toys are Us store and threw up all over the cart and herself, we never went back, I think it is too overstimulating and all the that plastic junk makes me sick too!

I like Sunday mornings when my family goes to the UU church and I stay home and bake or read or hike or clean like a mad woman (its best if no one is home at that time!)
Love, Love, Me:)

constructobot said...

um, how did I not confess to you that we are BSG fans? we just bought the 3rd season and are watching it

I am lucky if I see shows from this decade- am totally into this one!