Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Things for Earth Day

1. Jackson is very into this book which he received as a "welcome to the world" gift when he was born. "Miss Rumphius" tells the tale of "The Lupine Lady" and how she made the world a more beautiful place. Heartwarming and perfect for both spring and Earth Day. (Warning: You may want to fill your pockets with lupine seeds after reading this book...)

2. Jackson is also very into "ranch sauce" (ranch salad dressing) lately, so I decided to make some from scratch. I used this recipe from Martha Stewart's "Outdoor Living" special issue from this year and it was awesome. We dipped fresh carrots, fresh sugar snap peas, fresh cucumbers and fresh red peppers into it last night and delighted in the summery taste (can you tell I have a hankering for "fresh" lately?). Jackson tolerated it for a few dips, but then asked for his ranch sauce. I told him it was ranch sauce and he said "real ranch sauce." (Is he really our kid? No, he did not consume the vegetables, by the way. He uses a carrot to deliver the ranch sauce to his mouth and then licks it off. Whatever.)

3. Watch this video. It's 25 minutes long, so plan accordingly. A new Al Gore presentation about global climate change. Similar to "An Inconvenient Truth" but with new data and some new twists. Very inspiring!

Happy Earth Day tomorrow!

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TinkingBell said...

Thanks for the ranch drewwing recipe!! Happy Earth Day!!