Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Special Cast-on

Remember that yarn that Sarah sent to me? It's 100% alpaca (which I know I already told you) and is from Bolivia. Bolivia is special because Sarah spent two years there working as a Peace Corps volunteer. She worked her butt off on lots of different projects including establishing a library in the area where she lived.

I love special yarn. I love yarn that comes from somewhere important or is a "souvenir" from a meaningful trip. Jackson's dedication sweater was made out of yarn from Gale Woods Farm, the place where Dan and I were married. The sweater turned out beautifully, even though it's bullet-proof and ultimately was too scratchy for a youngin to wear (which was of no consequence since he outgrew it promptly after I finished knitting it). None of that really matters though, because I'll treasure the sweater and remember why it's so special for a long time.

Amelia's dedication sweater will be knit with this Bolivian yarn from Sarah for the same reason that Jackson's yarn was chosen: it's "special" yarn. Sarah is an amazing friend (I met her on the very same night that I met my husband!) and I've learned a lot from her over the years. I hope that some of that good girlfriend love can be knit into this special sweater for my daughter-to-be. And even if she outgrows it immediately (they grow SO fast), at least I will treasure it and know where it came from.

So tonight I started this sweater:
The "Angel Sweater" from Oat Couture. It's a charming little knit with a feather and fan skirt and darling little "angel" sleeves. It will look beautiful over the heirloom gown that Amelia will wear when she's dedicated in the fall and hopefully will last through some of the early winter months (I'm knitting the 6-month size again...a wee one can wear a larger sweater, but not the other way around!).

Now...if only my current "Angel" would finally settle down and go to bed? Then we'd be in business for tonight.
I decided it was okay to stray and cast-on for yet another knit for Amelia since I'm officially 2/3 of the way through her blanket. The squares are looking great (and are blocking downstairs right now), but they're getting a little boring. The dress is still going swimmingly, but there's no imminent need on this one since I'm aiming for a 12-month size. Normally, I cringe at the thought of having so many projects going at once, but I'm making an exception here's fun!


Christy said...

That sweater is fabulous! I need to find someone that can knit one for a 7 year old!!

indieknits said...

Ooh it's lovely! I can't wait to see it when it's finished :)

Hege said...

It'll be beautiful!