Friday, April 11, 2008

love, friday

This edition of love, friday is a little hard to come by since it's been a less-than-stellar week around these parts. Here's what I don't love: DON'T love having a cold while pregnant because it grabs on and just won't let go (whereas normally in my non-pregnant state I can kick a cold in a day or two); DON'T love being 6-months pregnant and already feeling this tired (whoa girl, loooong way to go...); DON'T love the "April Showers" that have been falling from the sky this week in the form of rain, snow, sleet and ice; DON'T love psycho nap and bedtime routines that are keeping the Boy awake longer and longer each day even though he definitely still NEEDS the sleep (especially during said sicko period for Mom when I could really use the sleep too...)...

Okay, but I came up with a few things to love today:

Love Dan. Love that he came home from work early today to help me out. Love that Jackson was so excited to see his Daddy home early (and to help him make coffee!) that he completely forgot to whine for the entire afternoon.

Love Dan. Love that he volunteered to take the Boy to the Co-op this afternoon after noticing my list in the kitchen. Love that I don't have to find time to do this, especially since I was dreading going out in this weather so very much.

Love Dan. Love that he's picking up dinner for us on their way home from the Co-op. Love not having to "come up with a dinner plan" this Friday night.

Love Dan. Enough said.

love, friday


Lisa Anne said...

Love Dan! Love that he knows how to take care of you when you really need it. Hope you feel better soon.

thursday said...

Don't love a cold while pregnant, either! I still have the tail end *three* weeks later...GRRRR. And I managed to add a sinus infection. Sweet. I think these colds go away eventually, right? ;)

Hege said...

Love that you have a husband that take so good care of you :)

Hope you're feeling better and have a wonderful weekend!

Michele said...

I love Dan too, thank you for taking such good care of my little sister. You rock!!

Chris said...

I hope you're feeling better today! This weather - ugh.

Kate said...

What a lucky Mama you are...really, Dan sounds like such a good guy...I have a great guy too! It's too bad there aren't more men like them..
Hope you feel better soon.