Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mommy Toy

My friend Sarah sent me a package today with the most beautiful yarn inside. Five skeins of the softest alpaca you could ever imagine in a gorgeous shade of lavender. I've been dreaming about Amelia's dedication sweater for the fall and having this yarn magically appear on my doorstep today put the pieces all together! Thank you, Sarah! I love it!
When the box came, I set it on the table for a minute and Jackson was drawn to it like a firefly to a flame. Here's how our conversation went:

J: "Jackson want open box."

M: "Not right now, Sweetie."

J: "Jackson open box NOW. I see toy for Jackson in box."

M: "Oh, actually, Honey, the box is for Mommy. It's from Sarah. There isn't a toy for Jackson in the box."

J: (completely convinced that I was wrong) "No, Jackson toy inside. Jackson open now."

M: "Okay, why don't you help me open the box? But I'm warning you, there isn't a toy inside..."

(opened box, discovered gorgeous yarn)

M: "Wow! What's that Jackson?"

J: (at first excited) "YARN!" (then indifferent) "Mommy toy." (walks away)

Yes, yes...yarn IS Mommy's favorite toy!


Chris said...

I love the Jackson conversation!

Ruth said...

Mummy toy! Love it!

LaVerna said...

How very cute!Mommy toy.I love it!