Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Visit to the Farm

I would love to live on a farm. Sort of. I've got that total "Farmgirl at Heart" thing going on and love to make my own...everything, really. Growing things from the ground, caring for my home, cooking, baking, knitting, being outside...it's all there.

I love the IDEA of living on a farm (a small hobby farm), but in reality I don't think I could let go of my convenient urban life. Because I also love taking the bus or light rail to get places, knowing my neighbors just across the fence, having lots of good options for education for my kids, living near so many parks all at once, being able to bike to lots of cool places quickly and easily and all of the restaurants, arts and culture that city life affords.


So I will continue to live vicariously through some of my "farmer friends," and even try to get out to visit their farms whenever possible. Like this morning, when Jackson and I made the drive down to Red Wing to visit with my friend Carol and her kids at their small hobby farm. She's totally lucky to have a neighbor who happens to have two kids the same ages as her own, so they were over visiting too. All in all, a great morning with toddlers on the farm.

My toddler learned to overcome his fear of horses by hand-feeding Barney this morning (and let me tell you, Barney is BIG):
He also just had some good, old-fashioned fun on the swing set/slide with the kids. Can't beat a happy kid playing outside in the springtime.
Some of my other very favorite farms include:

Lostview Farm - a wonderful little community-living mecca in Wisconsin

Harmony Valley Home School/Farm - my new friends in Pennsylvania...have to find a way to get out there to visit someday...

Aunt Jenny's Farmette - Jenny is amazing and I love reading about all of her family's farm-life activities even though they have less than one acre...they know how to do a lot with a little land

and of course, MaryJane's Farm - this is the original place where I learned that I really am a "Farmgirl" and that there are others out there like me. I don't participate in the Farmgirl Forum anymore - just because I'm not super into discussion boards these days - but there are some pretty cool people over there, definitely worth a visit.


shizzknits said...

I'm a farmgirl at heart, too. I would love to live on a farm, but I also like the convenience of city (suburb) living. Maybe when the kids are grown, I can have my own hobby farm. :)

Kristina said...

Consider yourself officially invited for tea at our little farmita if you ever need a break from the city. We offer great teas and good chairs for knitting. Plus I'm getting really good at homemade granola. ;) Then maybe you can teach me how to get around the city without panicking if I ever make it to Minneapolis!

Hege said...

That looks like a wonderful day!!

I'd love to have a little farm too, some hens, ducks and some sheep - wool ;)

Although we live at the country side, I guess it will be with the dream...

Aunt Jenny said...

You are so sweet....looks like you guys had such a fun visit...that Barney IS big!!
I am LOVING the angel sweater..cute cute cute! I am in such a knitting rut right now...when I find time to knit it is just boring dishcloths and once in awhile socks. I need to make some baby stuff. I have 4 neices/nephews due by Sept!! I know at least one is a girl..so I should get busy on a cute fall sweater for her...6 month size for sure. Now to go get some new yarn..yeehaw!!!

Lisa Anne said...

Thanks for thinking of me! I love MaryJane's Farm too! I wonder why they stopped publishing the mag/catalog? I bought one of the apron patterns, still waiting to have time to make it.....