Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hiking with the Frogs

We did indeed go on that hike today that we started planning last night. Nothing big, just a trip to a state park where we'd never been. Minnesota Valley State Park was exactly what we wanted for today, beautiful in its "spring anticipation" dress, very secluded, and very sunny and warm (perfect for picnicking). It was also very wet. Here's Jackson hiking/sloshing/puddling right past the frogs in the pond. Let's just say that his rain boots didn't do very much for keeping his feet dry today when his pants were wet up to his diaper and the water just sloshed in over the top of the boots! He didn't seem to mind though.


Hege said...

Kids and water are just meant to be ;)
Looks like a great place to hike.
Can't wait for the last snow to melt so we can go hiking too!

Rebecca said...

I love water and mud too!

Rob & Maria said...

Awesome! Hurray for bread and little boys splashing in marshy puddles! What more could you ask for in life?