Saturday, May 03, 2008

Unexpected Delights

Today was a day filled with unexpected delights. It started very early with one unexpected NON-delight by way of a phone call from American Airlines to Dan at 1:30 a.m. telling him that his 7:45 flight was canceled (why do they call travelers at home, anyway? don't they know that they're traveling?). I conveyed the message to Dan (who was not at home, of course) and went back to bed, assuming that I wouldn't see him for pretty much all of Saturday, considering that flight juggling does not always end happily. But luckily, there were still many delights in the day:

Unexpected delight #1:
It did not rain today. It was supposed to. Instead, it was bright and sunny enough to make us ignore the chilly temps and heavy winds. Jackson and I decided to head out to the Midtown Farmer's Market opening day with Rebecca to celebrate this triumph of Mother Nature.
Unexpected delight #2:
There were many treasures to behold at the market, even though it was early May in Minnesota. I came home with a beautiful loaf of fresh-baked bread, a dozen jumbo eggs from a local farm and a couple of incredible blueberry scones from a local coffeehouse. I was hoping that last year's yarn vendor would be there today, but maybe they'll show up later this season.
Unexpected delight #3:
There were sheep and pigs at the market today (living ones, not just meat!). Jackson loved seeing them and it totally made his morning. It was the same sheep-shearing guy from last year and he intended to shear these two lovely ewes for the demonstration later. Rebecca and I thought for a split-second about trying to get the fleece again like we did last year, but quickly realized that that would be insane since we still haven't spun any of it yet!
Unexpected delight #4:
Dan not only arranged to get home today after all, but he woke up well before sunrise to get home even earlier than expected. Jackson and I went to pick him up at the airport after our market adventure and we still had the full day ahead of us.
Unexpected delight #5:
Jackson napped in the car during a bunch of errands that we had to run. Dan was the errand-runner and I hung out in the car to knit. It's really awesome to just sit and knit while your kid sleeps, even in a parking lot.
Unexpected delight #6:
We went to the Living Green Expo today instead of having to wait until Sunday. It was spontaneous and fun and we all had a great time. We did notice that there were not as many vendors handing out freebies, coupons and samples this year though. A sign of the times? A poor economy? Who knows. Jackson loved the green hybrid bus and the windmills though. He also loved playing (in a very Zen-like way) with this vat of paper pulp and water. We talked to a lot of vendors about trees and got some really useful information too. (Keep your comments coming for my "arbor day" contest! Open until May 15th...)
Unexpected delight #7:
Hanging out in the backyard while Jackson played and Mom & Dad vegged out. Going to The Wedge Co-op for a take-out deli dinner and eating it in the living room on the picnic blanket (it was too chilly to eat outdoors, much to Jackson's chagrin).
Dan and I are now relaxing on the couch, about to watch the next episode of Battlestar Galactica and eat our yummy desserts from The Wedge. We're also giddy with making plans for tomorrow, since we didn't expect to have another full day together with no significant chores on the list. Whatever we do, it will likely involve hiking shoes, since Jackson specifically requested that we go hiking. How can we say no to a request like that?

What unexpected delights showed up in your day today?


Dan said...

A lot of my unexpected delights from Saturday are already well-documented in the post. Except for this one:

Free Comic Book Day was not someone's idea of a cruel joke. It was actually for real. We pulled in to a local comic book and role-playing game store to see all kinds of grown adults dressed in superhero costumes as though it were Halloween. And we left with a bag of AT LEAST one pound worth of FREE comic books.

In Summary: My unexpected delight was losing a good number of years off my real age while looking through a Superman comic and daydreaming.

Catherine said...

(Dan's unexpected delight occurred at the same time as my unexpected delight that I already mentioned...that I got to sit in the car when he went into the store with the weirdo adults on his own. One woman had painted herself blue. Enough said.)

LaVerna said...

Love seeing Rebecca looking so well!

Rebecca said...

I'm looking and feeling great! Jackson brings out the best because I just adore him. I get absurdly excited when he says my name.